Pregnancy and birth


I’d been led to believe that, in the early stages of pregnancy, many women experience a ravenous hunger that sees them emptying the fridge on a regular basis. This definitely hasn’t been my experience so far – I have absolutely no appetite. I’m having to force myself to eat regularly, which is difficult when absolutely nothing sounds appealing. So far I’ve been surviving on plain granary toast with butter for breakfast and lunch most days, and something more substantial for dinner.

Ordinarily I really like my food, so this lack of appetite is so strange. And stranger still: my first serious food aversion, which kicked in ten days ago. I have always had a seriously sweet tooth and have been able to inhale a family pack of lollies (sweets/candy, for any non-Kiwis) at any opportunity. But the thought of eating sweet food is not nice at present. I’ve had two unopened bags of lollies in the pantry since the beginning of last week, and at the rate I’m going they’ll be there for a long time yet.

So now I’m going to choke down a small pot of yoghurt and a glass of juice, neither of which I fancy. I hope that this food aversion ends soon (and that I get that hearty pregnancy appetite before I get to the awful ‘throwing up’ stage).

4 thoughts on “Appetite

  1. Yeah, I never had a big appetite early on (it came later…) I found that Mum’s advice about having a cup of tea and toast in the morning in bed before getting up helped with the nausea in the mornings. I had morning sickness with all the girls but not with Liam! It was worst with Claire from memory – it may be a sign of red hair…

  2. On the nausea subject; with Pip I had nausea in the late afternoon. I couldn’t face cooking tea for Dad coming home – not a bad thing really, when you really think about it. If you can manage morning and evening, your life could be sweet!

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