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Sober driver

We’re spending the day with Davey and Carla, checking out the vineyards around Matakana and Warkworth. It’s lovely – gorgeous sunshine, nice people and (I’m told) delicious wine. And fortunately for the others, I’m the sober driver. Given that I have barely had alcohol at all this year, I don’t mind not drinking, but it was challenging when we were at a vineyard with a fabulous tasting platter and I had to avoid the salamis, cheeses and hummus, and could only have bread, olives and olive oil. Luckily, this stuff was yummy!

It’s hard to be with Davey and Carla and not tell them our news, but we really want to keep it quiet for now. Also difficult: we’re due to go to their wedding in the third weekend of January, and by my calculations I’m likely to be very close to full term – maybe a week or two away. First babies are always late, right?

4 thoughts on “Sober driver

  1. I’m a first baby and I was 3 weeks early. But buy a flowing dress that shows your new mummy bosom, put a belly band on and enjoy the day out if you give birth before their wedding!

    1. Giving birth before the wedding would be fantastic! (Mum: can you please set aside that weekend for a trip to Wellington and a spot of babysitting?!)

      I’ve talked about this with Davey in the abstract before now and told him that the only circumstances under which I’d miss his wedding was if I was actually in labour!

  2. Hi Jacq, no words can explain how happy and excited I am! To be so far from you and not able to touch and talk to you right now is overwhelming – I’ll have to get much better at setting the alarm so that I can Skype at convenient times. I will be checking the blog religiously and am already looking at changing travel plans so that we come to you AFTER baby is born – you two will have to get used to taking more of a back seat with us grandparents!! Why come in October when I can spend time with the baby in January/February?! Our thoughts are with you constantly. Love you millions Patxxx & Richardxxx

    1. It will be lovely to have you here! I’ll make sure that I keep this blog updated regularly, so you know what’s going on, and we’ll call you again soon. Lots of love xxx

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