Pregnancy and birth

Calmer (and hungrier)

I’m happy to report that I’m feeling a great deal calmer today, thanks both to your lovely comments and to Tristan’s excellent wife-whisperer work after I’d posted yesterday.

I’m also happy to report that, by posting about my weird lack of appetite, I seem to have triggered The Hunger. During the past couple of days, and particularly today, I’ve noticed that I go from zero to starving in the space of minutes, and if I don’t eat something fairly quickly I start to feel a bit dodgy.

Despite my newly recovered love of scoffing things, I still have no interest in those lollies in the pantry. Furthermore, when we went to the supermarket yesterday I skipped past the pick-and-mix lollies without giving them a second glance. If I didn’t know I was pregnant, I’d wonder whether I’d lost my mind!

3 thoughts on “Calmer (and hungrier)

  1. I think you should pass those lollies along to me when I’m in Auckland next week. Clearly your baby hates lollies and wants Auntie Vickie to have them.

  2. So pleased you are feeling better. And well done Tristan. After acupuncture you will feel positively serene.

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