Pregnancy and birth


I haven’t updated for a few days because I haven’t been doing much beyond sleeping a lot (all night, plus a two hour nap each afternoon) and occasionally eating. The Hunger is still striking me on a regular basis, leaving me absolutely ravenous and virtually unable to function until I eat something. The problem is, I don’t really feel like eating much, so at the moment my diet is largely very bland; the one exception being the risotto balls and curly fries that I suddenly craved this afternoon – we went to Paper Moon, our favourite local cafe, and I really scoffed. It was wonderful to actually want a certain food for a change.

Fortunately, I’m still escaping the curse of morning sickness. If I don’t eat, I feel queasy, so I’m trying not to let myself get hungry by snacking all day. I’ve even had cereal bars right by the bed, so I can have one just before I fall asleep, and again as soon as I wake up. If I can get through this pregnancy without throwing up I will be so grateful.

Anyway, beyond all the sleeping and eating there isn’t much to report. I’m so lucky to not be working in an office at the moment, making it easy to listen to my body and do things on my schedule. It’s amazing to think that, this time next year, I’ll be combining motherhood with a full time job running a charity (things are looking great on that front and we’re confident that we’ll get our funding confirmed within the next few months). Although life will be really busy, having a double income will enable us to afford good childcare, and I’ll be able to do a lot of my work from home. Fun times lie ahead!

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