Pregnancy and birth

Seven weeks

Amazingly, we’re already more than half-way through the first trimester!

Tomorrow we’re having our first scan, at which point we’ll get to check whether: a) there’s a heartbeat; b) it’s in the right place; and c) there’s more than one baby on board. Early scans are probably the only advantage of having to go through fertility treatment – the clinics tend to be keen to check up on everything at the earliest opportunity. Vickie was telling me over the weekend that the earliest stage she’s ever been offered a scan is twelve weeks, so I feel quite lucky that we get some reassurance a bit earlier than that. And how completely odd to consider that there’s a whole other human being inside me, with its own little heart! Madness!

Hilariously, when the nurse made the booking with me she was careful to manage expectations and tell me that we won’t actually see a miniature baby bouncing around on the ultrasound screen, waving at us! I guess they’ve had some disappointed couples in the past…

Most week-by-week guides to pregnancy seem to use food-based analogies to describe sizes, so I can now reveal that our baby is currently the size of a blueberry, and my uterus is currently the size of a medium-sized orange. So there you go.

Sleep update: I only napped for 50 minutes yesterday, and then was asleep by 10pm. However, I was wide awake from 3.30am until 5ish. Luckily, Tristan was also awake and ended up reading to me for a while. I love him reading to me – it distracts my brain and stops me from thinking about babies/work/the house/ our bank account. Currently we’re reading Bill Bryson’s book “At Home”, which is excellent. He reads to me before we go to sleep each night, so I think I associate it with relaxing and winding down. Anyway, I haven’t had a nap today and didn’t even nod off during acupuncture, so hopefully I’ll sleep well tonight.

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