Pregnancy and birth

Meeting my GP

It might seem a bit strange to finally meet my GP when I’ve got so much going on, but she was only allocated to me in the second half of last year, and when I’ve had a couple of doctor’s visits since then she’s never had appointments available and I’ve just settled for whichever doctor was free.

It turns out that Di, my GP, is an absolutely lovely woman! When I got to her office she was all “so happy to meet you! What’s going on with you?”, and when I replied “well, I’m seven weeks’ pregnant with twins” she just about leapt from her chair with joy! Seriously, you’d have thought she was either a blood relative or a life-long friend. It was very cute.

Anyway, she was happy with everything I had to tell her. I did mention my slight concern about my erratic appetite, particularly now I know that I’m responsible for growing two whole, entire people, but she told me not to worry: apparently my body will tell me what I need at the moment, and how much of it, and because I was a good, healthy weight before getting knocked up, I can relax about it for now. So that’s good.

I had my prenatal blood tests and should have the results in time for my Shore Birth appointment next Thursday. I also had a flu vaccine, which is recommended for pregnant woman (and which I’d intended to get in any event, so this was handy).

Dr Di was very glad to hear that I’m opting for an obstetrician, rather than a midwife for my ‘LMC’ (lead maternity carer) – she said that the quality of midwives can be variable, and she agreed that I’m definitely better off being safe than sorry when we’re dealing with twins.

I wasn’t sure how my GP and my LMC interact, but Dr Di said she’s on hand whenever I need her – I should use my LMC for anything baby-related, but turn to her if I can’t get hold of them, or encounter any problems. It’s so nice to know that I’ve got such a lovely GP to look after me and the kids – I hope that my LMC is equally nice!

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