Pregnancy and birth

Eight weeks

Well, we’re now two-thirds of the way through the first trimester. Hooray! With every day that passes I feel a little more relaxed about this pregnancy, and the chances that our babies will go the distance.

The exciting news this week is that, as of today, our babies are foetuses. Don’t kids grow up quickly these days! It seems like only yesterday that they were wee embryos…

Apparently my uterus has already doubled in size (actually, I guess it could be slightly more than doubled, given that it’s currently home to twins). And the kids are each around 2cm long, have fingers and toes, and are beginning to form their facial bones.

Amazingly, I’m still feeling reasonably well. I do tend to have a few nausea issues by late afternoon each day, which means that poor Tristan tends to come home and find me installed on the sofa, looking a bit pitiful. But I’ve still not been sick, which is tremendous. I’m tired pretty much all the time, and I feel ill very quickly if I let myself get hungry. But all things considered, I’m in fine fettle.

We rang Tristan’s father and stepmother over the weekend and told them our happy news. Tristan’s Dad was absolutely delighted to hear that his little boy is going to be a father, which was fantastic. I think, when Tristan had emailed him to organise a time to call, he might have included pregnancy on his possible list of news items, but he certainly didn’t anticipate twins!

I think we’re starting to come to terms with the news that we’re having twins, although I still have to take a good look at the scan picture (currently stuck to the fridge door) every time that I’m in the kitchen, just to remind myself. Every now and then I do start pondering how on earth I can possibly carry two babies, deliver them, breastfeed them both, change both their nappies, and generally provide the necessary levels of devoted care and attention. But then I remember that plenty of people have managed it before me, and I will too!

I’ve also realised that nearly all standard pregnancy guides are woefully inadequate when it comes to a multiple pregnancy – at most, you get a page or two about carrying twins. I jumped onto the Auckland Library website yesterday and feverishly requested a number of twin-specific baby books, so I can educate myself. At the end of the day the buck stops with me when it comes to having a healthy pregnancy, and after spending such a long time trying to start our family, I intend to do whatever I can to keep things running smoothly.

3 thoughts on “Eight weeks

  1. You’ll be surprised what you can do when you have no other choice šŸ˜‰ The key word for having a baby (or two of course) is planning. You plan your meals, your babies will develop a routine and you’ll have friends and family offering to help – take them up on it!

  2. I’m hopefully taking Friday off – will try to remember to send you my twin pregnancy book xxxx

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