Pregnancy and birth

Pregnancy factoids

Every day I learn so many interesting things about being up the duff! And being pregnant with twins has only increased the sheer volume of fascinating knowledge. Yesterday I speculated that my uterus must be larger than the standard ‘twice as big as normal’ dimensions; now I’ve just discovered that, with twins, my uterus is the same size as a singleton pregnant woman who is 6 – 8 weeks further along in her pregnancy! No wonder my (not particularly flat to start with) tummy is to look slightly more sticky-outy!

I’ve also learned that approximately 60% of twins are born before the 37th week. I’d been happily planning a last child-free Christmas in Feilding with the family, but I realise now that travelling for several hours won’t be a sensible idea – and we could well have the twins joining us for Christmas! Obviously, the name of the game will be to keep them in-situ for as long as possible. And also to try to convince my family to come to Auckland for Christmas…

3 thoughts on “Pregnancy factoids

    1. Fabulous! Hopefully the weather will be lovely and we can have a Christmas BBQ. Otherwise (if I’m doing the cooking) we might end up eating toast for Christmas dinner…

  1. I have just figured out that 35 weeks gestation lands you on Christmas Day or Boxing Day. How about a packed lunch for Christmas, so that if you go into labour we can de-camp to the hospital and sit in the car park if necessary to eat our Christmas Dinner.

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