Pregnancy and birth


Any of you feeling vaguely concerned about my lack of pregnancy symptoms can rest assured: during the past week the twins have certainly made their presence felt (which partially explains the lack of updates). I feel fairly rotten for most of the day and, from 4.30ish onwards, I feel absolutely dreadful – horrendously nauseous.

The only thing that helps is eating, but when you feel vile the last thing you feel like is food. I make sure that I snack throughout the day and scoff as much as I can in the evening, but I still feel pretty wretched.

On the bright side, I haven’t actually been sick – thank God. Also: I have the kindest and most thoughtful husband in the world, which makes things immeasurably better.

2 thoughts on “Nausea

  1. Nausea is so hideous! I know it’s not healthy, but I found that when I was feeling particularly awful in the afternoon, some MacDonalds chips really hit the spot! I used to think that they should market them as a cure for morning sickness! Ah, memories! xx

    1. Lenka, you’re not the first person who has suggested that something like fries might help me! The thing is, I have so little appetite for food like that at the moment that the very thought of them makes me feel a bit pukey. I don’t know what’s up with these crazy babies – they still won’t let me want to eat anything sugary, and they seem to only really like fairly healthy food.

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