Pregnancy and birth

Nine weeks

Well, the kids are now nine weeks old. Today’s developmental update comes from the Ohbaby! website:

YOUR BABY Your baby now measures about 22-30mm long and weighs between 3-5 grams. The tail like bottom of your baby’s spinal cord has now disappeared and baby’s muscles are being worked as your baby moves around. Baby’s hands and feet are losing their webbed look now and the arms are long enough that baby’s hands touch over the chest. Your baby’s chest has also separated from the abdominal cavity by muscles that will develop into babys diaphram. Facial features are continuing to develop, baby’s eyes are now formed with membrane eyelids that will not open until about week 27 and baby’s nose is now clearly defined.

I’m having another scan tomorrow, so it will be wonderful to check their progress. And it’s fantastic to think that, in only three weeks’ time, we’ll be clear of the danger zone and will be able to tell the world about them.

The babies are celebrating their latest developmental milestones by making me feel as sick as a dog. I was fine until 8ish this morning, but since then I’ve had to eat almost continuously in a bid to keep the nausea at bay. So far today I’ve had a bowl of porridge, a banana, two toasted cheese muffins, a cereal bar, a cup of tea and a ginormous glass of Strawberry Nesquik (I’ve actually been drinking one ginormous glass of Strawberry Nesquik every day and am seriously considering whether ‘Strawberry’ and ‘Nesquik’ should be included as the twins’ middle names). And it’s not even lunchtime yet. I’ve got acupuncture at 3pm, so I’m going to have to stuff myself with food beforehand and hope that I can make it through the hour without being ill.

8 thoughts on “Nine weeks

  1. I know there’s some ginger things you can suck to help keep the nausea at bay. I don’t know if they work but it might pay to try them for times like acupuncture sessions. Puking or gagging in public is never a good look. Do you get to have more scans cos it’s twins or is it just because you’ve just started at ShoreBirth? I hope it went well and you remembered to check the number of placentas this time.

    1. I think I get lots of scans mainly because it’s twins, but I also think that ShoreBirth refer everybody for a dating scan, even if they’ve already had one (that’s the impression I got, anyway).

      I might see if I can track down those ginger things! As it turns out, I did stuff myself with food before my session and made it through unscathed (and actually fell asleep!)

  2. The sickness should go away soon – mine never lasted past 12 weeks really, so not long to go. How did the scan go today?

  3. Man they’re developing fast! Ten weeks will be “Baby is now learning algebra and practising putting on eyeliner…”

  4. And yay that they’ve lost their tails. That’s got to be a big occasion worth celebrating when you’re a fetus.

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