Pregnancy and birth


Here we go: photographic evidence that I really do have two little people inside me!

The kids seem to be in bunk bed formation at present. So neatly stacked! I think they’re just preparing themselves for a childhood of room-sharing, bless them.

Anyway, they seem to be very well bedded-in and have lovely strong heartbeats. Twin A (the bottom one) is 25 mm at the moment, and Twin B is 23.5 mm.

My next scan will be at 13 weeks, by which stage we should be able to get some snazzy 3D images. Cool!

13 thoughts on “Proof

  1. I never for one second wanted twins or could cope with them but oh if anything could induce envy that scan would be it! And woah, you have 2 inch long humans growing inside you. Seriously, it’s all a little mindblowing this growing people thing.

  2. Wow they’re even baby-shaped! Two weeks ago they were beans! Is that little leg bones? That’s absolutely amazing.

    I wonder if each of them realises they’re not alone.

    1. I know! It’s so cool that the technology gives us such a great peek at what’s going on. Baby B – the top one – is probably totally oblivious, whereas Baby A is probably ‘I wish that flipping Baby B would stop wiggling around and affecting my headroom’.

  3. I am so astonished at the clarity of the picture. Words don’t fail me often but I am speechless. I feel quite emotional looking at them.

  4. Ha, Mum – you wait til you see the 3D ones, then you’re REALLY freak – they are amazing! I like that they are bunk bedded like that – very sensible – not stupidly positioned like Jaime and Olivia with arms and legs and heads all over the place! Very cute! xx

    1. Yes, they’re very organised at the moment – I’m sure it will be all-out carnage in there after another few weeks, with Twin A’s elbow in Twin B’s face or something…

  5. Aren’t they called 4D scans? Wouldn’t 3D scans mean the babies looked like they were popping out at us?

    1. I’ve just done some googling: 3D scans are still pictures of the baby in three dimensions, and 4D scans are moving images of the baby (time is the fourth dimension). I think the scan package I’m going for at the radiology clinic gives me a 4D scan as part of the package. It will be the babies’ first home movie!

  6. I have never seen a twin scan, it is so neat to see them stacked up. Does that mean they aren’t identical?

    1. Apparently they can’t quite tell yet – they can have separate placentas, like ours have, and still turn out to be identical. But when you have a family trait of twins it’s because you release more than one egg, which would definitely make them fraternal, so that’s what I’m betting we’ll have. Of course, all will be revealed when we find out the babies’ sex, if it turns out that we’re having one of each!

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