Pregnancy and birth


This afternoon I had my first appointment with Vijay, the obstetrician. I really enjoyed it – he’s such a nice man, with precisely the calm and knowledgeable demeanour that you’d want to see in the guy responsible for bringing your kids into the world. He said that he and one of his colleagues have a particular interest in twin pregnancies, so I can expect to deal mainly with them.

He answered all of my questions, and generally reassured me that everything looks fantastic and that, given my own history of good health, there’s every reason to suppose that my pregnancy should go smoothly. And interestingly, he said that he thought it likely that our twins are more a result of our family trait for them, as opposed to being a result of the clomiphene. Apparently he does a fair bit of fertility work, and he reckons that the clomiphene would have had a strong influence only if I’d been on it for several months continuously, rather than just for a few days at the start of my cycle. I guess I may have had a predisposition for producing more than one egg, and the clomiphene might have further enhanced it.

I had a quick scan in his office (I know – another one! These kids are getting filmed more often than the Kardashians!) and the twins are looking good and have each grown a couple of millimetres since Wednesday. Vijay said I shouldn’t worry unduly about trying to hit any weight targets, as I’m a healthy size and the twins will just behave like little parasites anyway and take whatever they need from me. So that’s good.

Towards the end of the scan the coolest thing happened: Twin A (the bigger one, at the bottom of my scan pic from the other day) gave us a big wave! Well, as big a wave as anybody can give with such tiny arms. It was amazing and I was sad that Tristan was at work and didn’t get to see it. Still, Twin A is clearly the gregarious type, so he might do a little dance routine to entertain us at the next scan.

I’ve now got no scans or appointments until the day before we hit 13 weeks, which is also the day before we head to Australia for a week’s holiday. So we’ll just have to leave the kids to their own devices until then.

14 thoughts on “Obstetrician

  1. Got your message on my way to Court so have had to wait an hour to read your blog. Yes, I do like it. I wonder if s/he was smiling when waving – Hey Mum, look at me! Cartwheels and somersaults next time. xxx

  2. Parasite is such a lovely word to describe the process…lol but yep thats pretty much it. The major reason you need extra nutrients at all is they take them all first and the extras you consume are basically so you don’t waste away. Ahhh growing people. I love that the have little personalitities already, I wonder if you’ll find twin A to be the bigger louder one when they are born. I bet baby A is a boy 😉

    1. Funnily enough, the obstetrician did say that the first twin out – which would be Twin A, the way things are currently positioned – tends to be a bit more dominant, even after birth! And I’ve been automatically calling that one ‘he’!

  3. That is cool about the wave! Olivia was the first one out – don’t think she is more dominant though. I bet you’ll have a boy and a girl. xx

  4. So interesting to hear the theories as to why a woman has twins – if it was a trait, medications or just getting older and dropping more eggs (which was the case for me, I’m sure!). The scans are so wonderful – isn’t it amazing to see them move like real little people at such a young age? Hope you are enjoying every fascinating moment (even the nausea – yucky for sure, but fascinating that your body is reacting that way!)

    1. Kate, I’m really enjoying it – I feel like I’m in the middle of the world’s most amazing science experiment! It just blows my mind that there are two little passengers on board.

      Hey, how different did your twin pregnancy feel, compared with your two singleton pregnancies? Did you notice any difference on when you felt them move, for example?

      1. It was very different. I was more exhausted both earlier in the pregnancy and obviously toward the end. But even things like exercising, I remember doing in moderation (like walking) with the singletons fine, but with the twins, at 12 weeks I had to stop. I was so out of breath and I would get winded walking up stairs like I was much further along than I really was. When they first started to kick, it didn’t feel much different, because it starts soft and subtle. I couldn’t tell which one was kicking. But as they got bigger, I could tell – one would roll over while the other had hiccups, for example. That was kind of neat. He still likes to roll over and she still gets the hiccups! But I had problems with digestion, like reflux and constipation and hemorrhoids that I never had with the singles. But hearing 2 sets of heartbeats and seeing the 2 bodies on the scans…it was such a very different level of emotion.

      2. That is so interesting to hear! I’ve been getting out for a walk for at least 20 minutes a day, and closer to 35 minutes on both days, because Tui needs to go out every day – it will be interesting to see how long I can keep this up!

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