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Pregnancy photos

A lot of people seem to get a kick out of having their photo taken while heavily pregnant. While I can understand wanting to remember what you looked like from a weird ‘I’m a living science experiment’ perspective, I’m not sure that I’ll be itching to get in front of a camera in a few months’ time. I do know people who have had tasteful pregnancy photos taken, but I don’t think that being massively pregnant is a physical state that I’ll want to commemorate. This is probably because I can’t actually imagine having an enormous stomach. Perhaps I’ll revel in it when the time comes.

Luckily, the wonderful website Awkward Family Photos has gathered together many examples of hilarious pregnancy photos, often also featuring the proud father (of the baby, not of the pregnant woman – that would be weird). Here are my top four, all lifted straight from Awkward Family Photos.

This one feeds my (entirely rational and not at all immature) fear of clowns:

And why isn’t she wearing a wig, a red nose and a squirty flower? If you’re going to dress up as a horrible creepy clown, you should at least go the whole hog.

This one makes me wonder whether the woman saw the final shot and reassessed the wisdom of having this creepy guy involved in her child’s life:

What is he trying to portray with that look? The mind boggles.

This one has me puzzling over the type of relationship enjoyed by the couple of question:

Does she really hope that her baby is entirely a clone of her muscular, weirdly haircutted partner? I think she should hope for better.

And this one is wrong on so many levels:

I’m sure that this wasn’t at all awkward for the photographer.

4 thoughts on “Pregnancy photos

  1. Hahaha they’re fantastic! I think my favourite is the man curled up in his partner’s stomach, that’s terrifying.

  2. Downright creepy! I agree, there are some tasteful ones out there. I do recommend having Tristan take a photo of you on the same day every month (clothes on or off – your choice). Its fascinating to see how your body grows and once the babies arrive you’ll never believe thats how you look. You’ll never have to publish them, just keep them for yourself.

    1. I definitely think that’s a good idea – and I’ll have to share at least one photo when I’m huge, for the viewing pleasure of everybody who can’t imagine what I’ll look like!

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