Pregnancy and birth


Somebody seems to have neglected to mention to the kids that nausea should ease off towards the end of the first trimester! God, I’ve felt rough during the past few days. It’s getting to the point where a trip to the supermarket feels like mild torture – I hate the sight of food at the moment. And the smell of it. I’d been warned that I would probably end up loathing food that I’d once loved, and this has proved to be the case: one of our dinnertime staples, pasta with chicken, pesto and tomatoes, is just about the most unappealing meal I can imagine. I have felt very lucky to have avoided the dreaded up-chuck, but I’m beginning to realise that relentless nausea is no picnic either…

I really hope that my appetite returns soon. My meals are becoming awfully monotonous – porridge and banana for breakfast; cereal bars and rice crackers for snacks; and the exact same lunch and dinner every day for the past four days: two white rolls with cheese and sliced Braeburn apple, three mandarins and a large glass of strawberry Nesquik. The only time I’ve broken from this pattern was on Saturday night, when we met Caron and Rory for dinner at a Thai restaurant.

Actually, I have noticed that I am better able to cope with food if I’ve played no role in its creation (or even seen it in its raw state), so if we could afford to eat out for every meal I’d probably be fine! Sadly, funds don’t quite stretch that far, so when we do eat out I make sure to have some vegetables and, if possible, some beef.

And now I think of it, we’ll be on holiday for seven days from next Tuesday and will eat out for pretty much every meal – result! Hopefully I’ll come back a changed woman.

2 thoughts on “Food

  1. Your diet sounds fantastic at the moment. Mine is mostly popsicles and cookie time cookies. Even pizza doesn’t appeal anymore 😦 Growing people is a mixed blessing in the first trimester!

    1. Oh – that reminds me: I did have pizza on Friday night, so that covered the ‘hot ham and pineapple’ food groups.

      I STILL have no appetite for sweet stuff! It really is so uncharacteristic that, if I didn’t know I was knocked up, I’d worry that I was dying!

      Yes, I’m well and truly ready for the first trimester to end and the fabulous good health of the second trimester to start! Hopefully we’ll both feel a great deal better very soon!

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