Pregnancy and birth


Tristan has kindly offered to make me my now standard sandwich dinner, and even agreed to make to according to my precise instructions. However, he did request that I write out the instructions as a blog entry, presumably to illustrate what a pregnant princess I’ve become.

It went something like this:

“Take two white rolls and spread them very thinly with butter. Add a slice of cheese to each one. Wash a Braeburn apple and then slice it, putting two or three slices in each roll and leaving out the end slice from each side of the apple – the ‘hump’ slice with all the skin on it.”

See – very straightforward! The resulting dinner looks good (if your dietary expectation are set as low as mine are at present):


4 thoughts on “Sandwiches

  1. I’ve just read your entire archives and…WOW! Jacq, you and Tristan are going to be amazing parents. (He should get used to making those lunches for when the kids are packing up for school!) You do realize I’ll be unable to sleep on Wednesday night, knowing it’ll be Thursday in NZ and that you’ll be having your scan?

    Thank you so much for sharing both a bit of your despair (through the infertility process) and so much of your joy with us. You really have brought me a great deal of gratitude today – so happy for you guys. Your children are so blessed to have you as parents.

    1. JD, you’ve left me a bit choked up with your lovely comments! We feel incredibly blessed, and the absolute icing on the cake has been sharing our news with our lovely friends and family, and hearing how happy and excited they are for us.

      I will post my 12 week scan pics as soon as I can tomorrow! Xxx

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