Pregnancy and birth

12 week scan

We’ve just got home from the 12 week scan and I’m delighted to report that the news was all good: both kids look to be in fine fettle, and the bits that they measure on them to assess the risk of Downs (the thickness of the nuchal fold at the back of the neck, and the length of the nasal bone) indicated a very low risk. The risk is still very low when my advanced age is taken into account, so as far as we’re concerned this is one thing that we will no longer worry about!

It was fabulous to see the babies again. It’s now a bit difficult to get them both in the same scan shot, so from now on I think we’ll be seeing them in separate images for the most part.

Twin B (the ‘top bunk twin’ in the nine week scan picture) was kicking back in a fairly relaxed-looking manner, not really moving much at the start. This made it very easy for the radiologist to get the necessary measurements. Here’s Twin B’s profile:

Twin B also gave us a look at his guns (let’s assume that Twin B is a boy, for ease of reference):

Everything else was looking great – all the bits are in the right place, and functioning properly. Twin B is currently 63.83 mm long from crown to rump.

While Twin B was being measured and checked out, Twin A was squirming around like a little monkey. Once attention shifted to her (again, just using that term for ease of reference), we realised that she was all scrunged up and that there were some baby twin warfare activities underway, with a bit of kicking going on. Luckily, there’s a lot dividing the two of them, so Twin B wasn’t bothered (yet). However, Twin A might want to remember about Twin B’s guns and rein in the kicking later in the pregnancy…

Twin A’s wriggling made it slightly more difficult to get the measurements, but the radiologist managed it in the end. Twin A was measuring at 57.85 mm from crown to rump, but the slightly smaller size is probably just because she was all curled up:

And here are the feet responsible for all that kicking:

We also heard both twins’ heartbeats, which was awesome. And weird. THREE heartbeats inside me right now, people!

Finally, here’s a classic 3D baby shot, making the kids look like tiny aliens:

A lot of people have asked us whether we’re having fraternal or identical twins, so we asked the radiologist whether this is something that can be confirmed at any stage during the pregnancy. The short answer is no, for a pregnancy like this one, anyway: if they were in the same sac they’d definitely be identical, but ours are in separate sacs. We can’t tell how early an egg might have split, though, so it’s possible that they could be identical, but have just developed their own sacs and placentas. We learned this morning that the only surefire way of finding out is by having DNA tests after they’re born (and really, who could be bothered?) Apparently it’s not unheard-of for twins to be declared identical when they’re tiny, only for noticable differences to become apparent as they grow up.

Of course, another surefire way of confirming that they’re fraternal will be if we have a boy and a girl, but we won’t know that for another six or eight weeks. Yes, we’ll definitely find out, and yes, we’ll definitely tell people!

10 thoughts on “12 week scan

  1. Yay! So very cool. I just told my BFF Karri (who has heard me talk about you over the years) about your bundles of joy and she sends her congratulations too.

    Aren’t you knackered from growing two humans all day and all night? You seem so energetic!

    1. Ah – that’s lovely! Please tell her thanks.

      I haven’t felt quite as knackered as I’d expected to feel, although I think it would be a different story if I was working full time and commuting – I’m lucky because I can (and do) build a lot of time on the sofa into my day. Having said that, I was out running errands yesterday and, after 90 minutes on my feet, was so knackered that I had to sit in a mall for 15 minutes and rest before heading into the supermarket. It was just me and a couple of little old ladies, chilling out…

  2. I have to say it….that 3D shot is gross! LOL sorry but still its SO cool that you can see both of them at once that clearly. I don’t think I’ll get anything fancy at my scan but now I am dying for next week to arrive!! Did you ask when you can expect to feel them move?

    1. Hahaha! Those shots always look hilarious, I reckon.

      The radiologist didn’t really know/think if we were likely to feel twins moving sooner than a singleton, so I guess it will be somewhere around the 20 week mark – they’re very active, but they’re still so tiny!

  3. They are lovely and look just like you both! hee hee. I thought I’d feel them sooner than the singletons, but I didn’t. Can’t remember exactly, but yes it was around the 20 week mark.

  4. Twin A 57.85mm from head to rump – doesn’t that mean you have to add on the length of the legs? In which case, is Twin A longer than Twin B ot or at least is a similar size.

    I cannot identify which bits are which but if all is well, I can live with that.

  5. So pleased to hear everything’s healthy and normal. Can’t wait to find out the sex so I can start shopping!

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