Pregnancy and birth

Bump watch: 12 weeks

As if to celebrate reaching the 12 week mark, I’ve had a baby bump pop out this week! I’m now starting to understand why most pregnant women really look forward to their baby bump becoming apparent – before then, you do just look a bit chunky.

And here’s a bump picture (please excuse the blurriness – I was heading out for dinner):


And that’s with me holding it in as much as I can. Holy crap – how flipping big am I going to be in a few weeks time?

8 thoughts on “Bump watch: 12 weeks

  1. Holy moly I swear your tummy has grown since I saw you on Wednesday! You look great, it’s a lovely little rapidly expanding bump xx

    1. Yep, I think my stomach will be absolutely enormous by the end – my only consolation is that I wasn’t carrying a lot of extra weight anywhere else before I got pregnant, so hopefully I shouldn’t end up totally blimp-like!

  2. I’m suddenly so grateful I was forced to lose so much weight before I got pregnant. It would be so hard to carry extra weight on top of baby weight. Cute little bump, I’m still right in the middle of the fat phase. My ass looks like its pregnant though. (And good thing you told people when you did before the bump gave it away!)

  3. Cute! Lovely to see a bump photo! Was going to give you a call this afternoon, but fell asleep in front of the heater instead! Talk soon. xx

    1. That sounds like a lovely way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon! I should be down in Wellington in a few weeks, so you will be able to see the bump first hand!!

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