Pregnancy and birth

The bump abroad

We had such a lovely time in Port Douglas – you can read all of the non-pregancy details here.

On the pregnancy front, the holiday happily coincided with the total disappearance of my ever-present nausea. I celebrated this by eating a lot during the seven days, and doing an awful lot of lazing around.

Each day followed a similar pattern. We’d wake up and I’d have breakfast in bed as soon as I woke up (cereal and juice, prepared for me by the World’s Best Husband), then we’d head into town by mid-morning for my second breakfast (a smoothie and some raisin toast, usually), before mooching around for a wee while. I’d end up exhausted from all this excitement, so we’d return to our apartment for a nap before having a simple lunch (still cheese and apple rolls, most days – Tristan has also developed a bit of a taste for them).

After lunch we’d read, or nap some more, or lie by the pool for a while before having a swim. I was very good about not getting too hot, and I applied my sunscreen religiously in an attempt to stave off any weird hyper-pigmentation that can so easily occur when you’re knocked up (and that would look particularly noticeable on my super-pale skin).

I’d need a mid-afternoon snack of some description, and then we’d be out for dinner by 7ish every evening, with a sneaky gelato or sorbet cone bought on the walk back to the apartment last thing at night.

Being pregnant did prevent me from doing a few things – heading all the way out to the Great Barrier Reef, for example – but on the whole this was the perfect holiday for somebody in my current condition. We’re already planning a trip back to Port Douglas next year, with the kids in tow – it’s such a family friendly place, and there were heaps of parents with young children there.

However, I did have one nasty pregnancy incident on the final day. We had a 7.15 pick-up for our airport transfer, so we woke up at 6ish and I had a couple of mandarins and some juice, to tide me over until we reached the airport and I could scoff a muffin or something. We then had an hour’s trip in a minibus to get to the airport, on a twisting coastal road, and I felt sicker and sicker. I had to duck into a resort where we were picking up more guests because I thought I was about to be sick, but nothing happened. And then I still felt dreadful just before we were about to check in at the airport, so I decided to have a bite of cereal bar, figuring that it would either cure me or kill me. Cue me making a swift dash to the bathroom, throwing up into my hands just before I went through the door, and then vomiting everything up. Absolutely vile. But I felt fine afterwards, thank goodness. And to be fair, the carpet in Cairns Airport didn’t help my upset stomach.

I am SO thankful that vomiting has not played a big role in my pregnancy!

One thought on “The bump abroad

  1. Oh you poor thing, vomiting into your hands is NOT the way to end a holiday! But it sounds like you had a pretty lovely time away so I guess that was the babies reminding you that they actually rule your life now and not to forget it!

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