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Freaking out

I don’t know why this has struck me today, but I have been freaking out about the prospect of having twins.  Actually, it’s probably because I’m over-tired, so after I post this update I’m going to have a soak in the bath and then catch a nap.

Anyway, I was out for a lovely walk with Tui, and everything was great, and then suddenly I was all ‘OH MY GOD I’M HAVING TWINS AND I’M GOING TO HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF TWO BRAND NEW BABIES AND I KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT BABIES OH MY GOD’.  Freaking.Out.

But I came home and wrote a wee comment on the Facebook group page for the North Shore Multiple Birth Club, and lots of people responded and told me that it’s absolutely normal to be terrified, but that it will all be fine.  And I know that it will be, but still – I feel so woefully unprepared!  So I’m developing a strategy: I’m going to seek out every opportunity to spend time with twins and their mothers in the coming months, to get used to being around babies (because it’s not even like I’ve had any time with singleton babies either: aside from my two oldest nieces, who were born when I was far too young to be interested in learning about babies, all of my sisters’ and close friends’ children have been born while I was on the other side of the world, or living too far away to see them very often).  The NSMBC runs a fortnightly playgroup, so I intend to go along to that fairly soon and meet some people, and I’ve already made a new twin friend – the fabulous Emma, who is having her twins (also her first children) in October.  I’ve told her that I will be haunting her house, making cups of tea and folding laundry, for as long as I can before my bump stops me from driving!  And I am already thanking God for Kirsty, the lovely girl I met because Tristan has got to know Gavin, her canoe-coaching husband. Kirsty and Gavin have lovely toddler twins, and Kirsty is an absolute font of all knowledge on life with two littlies.  She’s already volunteered to come to the Baby Show with us in October and help us to figure out what we need to get – what a legend!

And – in a very exciting development, if you’re clueless and worried, like I am – I booked us into twin antenatal classes today!  So I’m sure that I’ll feel a little more confident about it all before too long…

6 thoughts on “Freaking out

  1. That’s a great idea, to get to know people with twins and spend time with their babies before yours are born. And how cool that there’s a twin antenatal class!

    1. I know – so handy! It will be great to learn specifically about dealing with two babies. And it sounds like a good way to meet other people who will have twins a similar age to ours.

  2. I was totally freaked out too and I had already done this 2x before! What you are feeling is normal and that’s why you have to wait nine months. By then you will be ready 🙂 the classes will help with the diapering, burping and feeding but at the end of the day you go with your gut and whatever works for you. Ou are going to be a great mom and they will love you no matter what. In the beginning they just want hugs, food and sleep. You can do that!

  3. Freaking out is the only logical response to the idea. Its ludicrous. Other people have twins not you! I had a pad by my bed and I would write down what I was worried about when I couldn’t sleep. Turned out most of the things I wrote down we had mastered within 24 hours of the birth! Double the trouble but double the love. And you cant beat that.

    1. That’s hugely reasuring to hear – thank you! Yes, it’s fairly daunting when you hear people talk about how hard life is with one newborn – and then you contemplate that you’ll have two of the little wrigglers to sort out! Every time I hear from somebody who has gone through it and come out the other side I am reminded that we will be able to do it too. And Tristan is supremely confident and totally unfazed, which is awesome!

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