Pregnancy and birth

Fifteen weeks

Another week has flown by, and it wouldn’t be at all unreasonable to think that, in only 20 weeks, we might have two babies!  Oh my goodness!

Today’s developmental update comes from Jaquie Brown’s book ‘I’m not fat, I’m pregnant!‘:

Your baby is as big as a chocolate orange (19.5 cm, 80 g).

Finger-wriggling, fist-making and thumb-sucking.  Not your partner, your baby! Yep, that’s what she’s up to in there, thanks to her developed facial muscles.  Her eyes and ears are now in their final positions and your baby’s first layer of skin is growing.  As your baby’s back muscles strengthen, your baby is able to straighten her posture a little and not look so Hunchback of Notre Dame.  Your baby’s head is now sitting on a perfectly formed neck rather than slumped on its shoulders.

Eyebrows and eyelashes start to form this week and although the eyes are fused shut your baby is sensitive to light and can sense it.

You might start to feel your first flutters of movements this week – if not, than certainly over the next few weeks.  Most women feel movements from around week 17 or later but some will experience them earlier.  Feeling the baby’s movement at this stage is so exciting but it is also easy to get confused, because the movements are so slight that you could miss them or confuse them for a fart.

Hahaha – excellent!  I do find the prospect of the babies moving to be so amazing… and maybe a little bit freaky.  But it will be so cool – at the moment, although I know that there are two babies inside me, I don’t feel like I’ve started to connect with them as little people, so once I’m able to feel them moving independently I’m sure that it will make a big difference (and finding out their genders will also help a lot: we should be able to find out within the next two or three weeks).

I also wanted to share with you this week’s update from the Oh Baby email:

You’ll be noticing a significant tightening of clothes and will need to invest in looser garments. Some people begin to show at this stage. Your heart is having to circulate a lot more blood and will have increased about 20% in size! This may result in you having a little more energy than usual.

Your baby is now directing it’s energy into some serious growing. The eyelashes and eyebrows are becoming distinguishable and the first bones to harden are the three in the inner ear. This means your baby is able to hear, although the brain is probably not yet capable of processing these signals. Start singing to baby.

I’m not entirely sure I should pay any attention to a website that doesn’t know the difference between “it’s” and “its”, but anyway…

Given my family’s proud history of having fairly terrible singing voices, is it responsible to suggest that I should sing to them?  I don’t want them to refuse to come out.  Anyway, I mainly quoted this email because of the sentence about some people beginning to show at this stage.  This is a photo of me, taken ten minutes ago:

I’m starting to understand that whole ‘looking six weeks more pregnant than you are’ thing.  In Jaquie Brown’s book she mentions that, at week 20, the top of my uterus will be level with my belly button.  I’ve felt the top of my uterus above my belly button for at least two weeks, and have been aware of a bit of stretching and expansion around the rib area.  People, I can confidently predict that I will be enormous before too long.

And speaking of getting bigger, check out this extract from Jaquie Brown’s pregnancy diary:

18 weeks 3 days

I have a friend who keeps referring to me as fat!  She calls me Fatty and always talks about me sitting on the couch getting fat.  I find it a bit upsetting, to be honest.  I am feeling sensitive about my growing shape, only because I don’t feel like I look properly pregnant yet, just chubby.  I want a T shirt printed that reads ‘I’m not FAT, I’m PREGNANT!’

It’s such an interesting time for your body.  All your life you’ve worked at maintaining a healthy weight or you’ve struggled with your own body issues and now here you are growing in size daily because it’s healthy for you and the baby.  Some women love it and revel in the changes but for me it is taking some time to get used to the idea.

Man, can you imagine having such a bitch of a friend?  I hope Jaquie told her to sod off, and erased her from her Christmas card list.

And man, can you believe that she didn’t look properly pregnant at 18 weeks?  I’m slightly envious of that.  I’m already at the stage where I have only one pair of jeans that I can fit (and that’s with a button expander thingy – I can only wear the one pair because they’ve got a button fly and will still stay up; all of my other jeans are too low-cut and, even with the button expander, the zips won’t stay up), and I’m really running short of anything to wear, aside from a few dresses.  I even bought maternity tights last week.  I think I’m going to head out today and buy some leggings, and some maternity jeans.  I suppose I’m quite lucky that I didn’t really have a ‘fat’ phase – I went from looking normal to looking very decidedly pregnant.

I really relate to what Jaquie says here about adjusting to your changing body shape.  I am finding it really weird to be this shape.  It’s not unpleasant… it’s just strange.  Anyway, I guess I should just make my peace with it, given that I’m going to be like this for several months yet!

6 thoughts on “Fifteen weeks

  1. You might want to invest in a smiley belt for further down the track! I am seeing back/hip pain as a possibility! You do look lovely and glowing though.

    I swing between woah, she’s pregnant and hmmm she’s got fat depending on how straight I stand up! So annoying! I went into maternity clothes at 6 weeks though for the stretchy waistbands, my belly got really tender. I couldn’t imagine not looking pregnant by this point, it’s reassuring to me if nothing else.

    1. Thanks Steph!

      I’ve just found a shop near us that stocks good quality pre-loved maternity clothing, as well as factory lines, so I’m going to check it out tomorrow. And I’m going to pack away all of the stuff that I won’t be able to fit for the next year…

  2. Ooh I love your little bump! you look wonderful and keep those photos coming. So fun to read how you are growing, but also fun to actually see it 🙂

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