Pregnancy and birth


I’m taking it easy on the sofa today.  Yesterday I hatched great plans to be active, like a normal person – I felt like I’d spent too many days loafing around, staying in my pyjamas until lunch time and watching the Olympics.  So I leapt into the shower before 7 am and was walking to the beach with Tui by 8 ish.  After we got home I headed to the mall to buy a maternity bra and check out some baby stuff, and then I drove to a couple of other shops to sort out my sister’s engagement present.  Finally, I picked up the breast pump and then went to the supermarket (actually, I went to two supermarkets: I’d intended to pick up a few items, including the ingredients to make macaroni cheese, but after driving away from the first supermarket I realised that I’d forgotten to buy both macaroni and cheese).

I did chill out on the sofa when I got home, but then I was in the kitchen, cooking, and starting having a fair few twinges in my ever-expanding bump.  I’d also noticed some twinges when walking home from the beach earlier in the day.  The pains weren’t awful – just twingey, and I figured that it was all as cool twin mother Katie explained in her blog: if you’re feeling twinges in a twin pregnancy and you’re not bleeding or having any other symptoms (and I’m not), it’s almost always going to be the effects of your ligaments stretching as your bump grows.  And my bump actually does seem significantly bigger today, which is just amazing.

Anyway, Tristan wouldn’t really let me move much last night, so I sat on a kitchen work surface and talked him through how to make the cheese sauce for the macaroni cheese. He did an amazing job of it – so delicious!  I’m already looking forward to scoffing the leftovers for dinner tonight.

I’m still getting twinges this morning, but I’ve called one of the midwives and she’s confirmed that, without any other symptoms causing problems, it sounds like ligaments stretching.  Nothing to worry about, in other words.  Still, it’s providing me with an excellent excuse to relax…

2 thoughts on “Twinges

  1. I’ve pretty much accepted that all pains in pregnancy that aren’t accompanied by bleeding are normal. Ligament pain is like my best friend lately. Hope resting up has helped. And how sweet is Tristan!

    1. Yep, I think you’re exactly right – I guess it’s (yet another) thing that I never really considered before actually getting pregnant: what it would feel like for my body to deal with growing a person or two!

      And yes, Tristan is a superhero husband!

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