Pregnancy and birth

Pregnancy dreams

I’d heard from several sources that pregnant women often have very strange dreams.  I have vivid, cracked-out dreams most of the time, so I was interested to see what my pregnant brain would conjure up.

So far, my dreams have fallen into two categories:

Adventure dreams in which I’m doing something unfeasibly exciting, like being a secret agent or a member of the Special Forces.  These dreams are fantastic, although at some point I inevitably realise that I’m pregnant and really shouldn’t do the dangerous thing I was just about to do (jump out of a plane, tackle a baddie, etc).

Motherhood dreams in which my ability to raise children successfully is called into question.  I’ve only had two of these dreams so far, and – strangely – babies haven’t actually featured in either of them.  Instead, they’ve been canine dreams, where my dog-rearing suitability is found to be severely lacking.  On Saturday night I dreamt that we had a tiny, jet black puppy called Lucy and I was attempting to toilet-train her.  I was not doing well: she was pooing and weeing everywhere.  My efforts were being silently judged by Tui the Wonder Dog, who was following me (and the ever-pooing and weeing Lucy) around the house with this expression on her face:

That’s her ‘I think you’ve let yourself down’ face.

In my most recent motherhood dream, which took place earlier this morning, Tristan had decreed that Tui could no longer stay with me during the day, because I couldn’t be trusted to look after her properly – instead, he was taking her to a dog creche.  I was quite relieved to wake up and discover that she’s still here!

2 thoughts on “Pregnancy dreams

  1. LOL!!! Love the look on Tui’s face – that’s a classic, “I’m SO disappointed in you” look!
    I don’t remember pregnancy dreams as much as the one I had after Katie was born when I dreamt that Grandad and I had gone down to Wellington Library for the day and taken Katie, and that after finding what we wanted, we left and only when I got home did I realise that I had forgotten that I had a baby, and had left Katie at the library!!! I remember awakening in a cold sweat! 😉

    1. Haha! Well, at least your dream involved an actual baby! I had another dog maternity dream last night – quite horrendous, actually: I was shaving her fur with a razor and accidentally severed an artery! It was awful – when I woke up I really had to resist the urge to get up and check that she was ok.

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