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Afternoon naps

Oh my GOD I’m tired these days! It’s mental. I walked down to the beach with Tui yesterday morning (a ten minute journey, all downhill, and we walked at a snail’s pace), and then tried to take her for a walk on the beach. We only got around 50 m along the beach before I felt so tired that I actually thought that I was going to be sick. It was awful.

We struggled back down the road to the nearest cafe, where I ordered a restorative scone and iced tea. It took me around 15 minutes to eat the scone because I felt too ill to have any of it. I honestly thought that I was going to have to call Tristan to come and collect us, but eventually I felt a bit better and we made our (very slow) way back up the road, and home.

I have now finally accepted that I don’t have the energy to do much anymore, so Tui’s future walks will involve a car trip to the beach, followed by a short stroll – until, of course, I can’t even manage that…

I’m also trying to be much better about napping on the sofa in the afternoon. I’ve also realised that this gives me a golden opportunity to spend some quality cuddling time with Tui: she snuggles up next to me in a very companionable manner. Once the babies arrive and I have to try to catch a nap whenever they’re sleeping I suspect that this will become prime bonding time for my puppy and me. And she’s already so used to it that, this afternoon, she followed me around the house and balefully watched me tidying up until I gave in and took to the sofa.

Today, I realised that my afternoon tiredness rivals the exhaustion I felt after finishing my one and only marathon, in 2008. Growing two people at a time is flipping knackering, particularly when (in maternal terms) you’re a geriatric!

6 thoughts on “Afternoon naps

  1. Maybe you need one of those scoop things that you use to flick a tennis ball. So you can just sit there and flick the ball for Tui to run after. I nearly collapsed about 50m down my street the other day, so scary aftr being an active person to find how granny like I have become and how good it feels to do nothing! Enjoy your relaxing while you can!

    1. Steph, I’m so glad to hear that it’s not just me!

      I have to ask: did Tui call you and ask you to suggest using a throwing stick on her walks?! She LOVES playing fetch, and used to get to play it on every walk, but we’ve been under vet’s instructions to cut it back to once or twice a week – she was getting a dodgy shoulder from all of the leaping around.

  2. Oh poor Tui! How awful for her. Do you let her go into the water during this cold horrible weather, because that might not be good for her either. And not to leave you out, I hope you just pace yourself so you don’t wear yourself out. Just do what is absolutely necessary and everything else can wait – until someone else does it.

    1. Mum, there is no keeping Tui out of the water! If we don’t play fetch with her in the water (which is the best thing for her, because it’s low impact) she’ll run off and find a rock pool and flop in it. It’s nowhere near as cold up here, remember.

      I’ve been playing that ‘wait until somebody else does it’ game with the vacuuming, but Tui has not volunteered yet. She’s such a slacker.

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