10 thoughts on “The view

  1. We need a side view! Have you started needing help to get out of chairs yet? Dave is forever having to haul me off the couch and I joked (half joked anyway) that I need a picker upper stick to pick up stuff from the floor.

      1. Thanks! Is it 24 or 26 weeks you’re going to look like a full term singleton pregnancy? It really makes it seem real that theres TWO babies in there when you see how fast you’ve gone from flat to feetless.

      2. The obstetrician said 24 weeks, but hopefully I might stretch that out a wee bit. I’ll be in Wellington when I’m at 21 weeks, so let’s catch up then – you’ll certainly be able to recognise me in the cafe…

  2. Golly gosh! You said how big your boobs had got but you wouldn’t know it from the side view. And the view looking down at the floor – amazing. I claw shaped grabby thing on a stick might be a good idea, because your friend Steph is right, you will need something to help you pick anything up from the floor. Unless you can train Tui of course.

    1. Yes, the vast bump now minimises the comedy boobs, so that’s good news (believe me, they’ve grown substantially!)

      I definitely need to work on Tui’s skills: fetching, sandwich-making, toddler-herding…

  3. It’s coming on a treat Jacqs! I’m 29 weeks now and last week was measuring full term for a singleton. Keep rubbing in the belly oil!

    1. I need to start basting myself like a chicken! And if I can get to 29 weeks before measuring at full term size I’ll be delighted, Emma! I’m looking forward to seeing you and your bump very soon!

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