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Anatomy scan

Yesterday we had the second big scan of any pregnancy: the anatomy scan.  This is the opportunity to spot any potential physical issues.  It’s a pretty detailed scan, and the level of investigation is amazing – you see both the limbs and the organs.  I am delighted to report that our two babies are perfect!  Twin B is slightly smaller than Twin A, but they’re both well within the normal parameters for twins and there is no cause for concern.

It was such a relief to see the two of them wrigging around in there.  Because of the position of one of the placentas (right on top of my bump), nearly all of the babies’ movement is being cushioned and I’ve barely felt a thing so far.  Logic suggests that everything is fine in the absence of any evidence to the contrary, but it’s still lovely to get that confirmation that the babies are thriving.  My friend Caron told me yesterday that she had a similar placenta position in her second pregnancy and didn’t feel much for the entire time, so it was reassuring to hear that I’m not the only one.  And I’m sure that once the babies are bigger the combined force of their movements will ensure that I can feel them, regardless of the placenta blocking the way.

And here’s a fun fact regarding my anatomy: with a singleton pregnancy, the top of the uterus is usually level with the mother’s tummy button at this stage.  The top of my uterus is already 16 cms above my tummy button…

Of course, there is a secondary benefit of the anatomy scan: it gives you a chance to find out the babies’ genders.  And of course, we took up the opportunity!

Without further ado, let me introduce you to our son – the baby formally known as Twin A (also the leading twin, and the one who will be tapdancing on my bladder fairly soon):

And here is his sister, our daughter – the baby formally known as Twin B (currently sitting on her brother and soon to be compressing my stomach even further):

We feel so blessed to be given the opportunity to raise both a son and a daughter!  We couldn’t be more delighted, in fact.  The two of us were grinning like loons all day (as was my mother, who has been visiting us this week and who had a ring-side seat at the scan).  And my suspicions about the likely impact of finding out the babies’ gender has proved to be correct: I already feel so much more connected to the two of them.  It’s lovely and I’m so, so happy.

I’m so pleased that we managed to get reasonably decent shots of the babies’ cute little faces – apparently it becomes increasingly difficult to get clear shots as a twin pregnancy progresses, as they tend to get in each other’s way (just like all kids when photos are taken, I guess).

Mum has already started knitting. Yay!

21 thoughts on “Anatomy scan

  1. Love it! Great pics too, hope we can get some this Tues, it’s our last chance of a 4d but they both facing inwards so not too hopeful but fingers crossed. You must be over the moon, I remember the buzz :)))
    There are now 4 of us all with boy girl twins since April on shore, what’s the chances? Well done mama, u clever thing 🙂 x

  2. Is that fact really any fun? 🙂 I’m sure you’re be getting more kicks than you know what to do with soon. When they roll over is the worst! I love the 4d pics, such a special thing to have!

  3. Oh my GOSH! I am in tears here – SUCH wonderful news! Huge congratulations to you and Tristan. What blessings – two healthy babies, a son and a daughter! All I can think, frankly, is that God is so good. Beyond delighted for you both.

  4. What amazing pictures! I love that we can see their noses and lips even, it’s incredible.

    As for hair and eye colour, I reckon they’ll both be blonde.

    1. I know! It’s so neat to be able to see their little faces. Their first baby pictures, and they’re not even 20 weeks old yet!

      Claire and I reckon that I’m going to have ginger twins – naughty little ginger babies, probably…

  5. That’s amazing news Jacq – I’m really thrilled for you and Tristian. I checked FB an excessive number of times Friday itching to find out the results!

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