Pregnancy and birth

Nineteen weeks

OK, we’re definitely at least halfway along now. Hooray!

From what I’ve read from various sources, it seems that the babies have just about got all of their bits and pieces now, and just need to get bigger. Here’s what the Oh Baby weekly email had to say:

Your baby is now 6 inches (15cms). Your baby is now covered with a waxy substance called vernix caseosa, which helps prevent delicate skin from becoming chapped or scratched. Premature babies may be covered in this cheesy coating at delivery. In the brain, your baby is developing millions of motor neurons, which are nerves that connect the muscles to the brain. As a result, your baby is now able to make conscious muscle movements such as sucking his or her thumb in addition to involuntary movements. Your baby will be able to hear the noises within your body such as your heart beating and your blood flowing. Soon you will be able to sing and talk to your baby and he/she will be able to hear.

I feel like I should be reading intellectual, improving books, in the hopes that it helps the babies with all that motor neuron development.  Sorry, babies: I’m working my way through Diana Gabaldon’s historical novels instead.

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