Pregnancy and birth

Reality check

Yesterday we had our second of four antenatal classes (free classes for new parents, during which you get to learn more about pregnancy, child birth, and dealing with tiny babies).  We’re lucky enough to take part in twin-specific antenatal classes, which is a big bonus – it’s great to hear information that is tailored to our situation, and it’s lovely to meet other people who are also having twins for the first time.  There are ten couples in our group and they all seem to be nice (and eight of them live on the North Shore as well, which is really handy).  Our antenatal teacher is also a midwife, and I like her so far – she’s reasonably pragmatic, and she gives us plenty of opportunity to ask questions and go off on wild tangents.  And she isn’t too wedded to a natural birth agenda (which is often a complaint levelled at midwives) – natural births are all very well and good, but are often unrealistic if you’re having twins.

Anyway, at yesterday’s class I’m sorry to say that the euphoria of Friday’s scan was diluted somewhat – we were brought back to earth with a bump by the scary news that one of our fellow couples is having an awful time.  They had disappeared after the coffee break during the first session, the weekend before, and yesterday we were told what had happened: her waters had broken.  Given that she was only 22 weeks pregnant last weekend, this was hugely worrying.  Her twins are in two separate sacs and one of them has lost all of its amniotic fluid, so she’s in hospital at the moment.

The whole antenatal class was really shocked to hear this news – 22 weeks is too early to be viable, so we’re all crossing our fingers that the baby will stay put for another few weeks, at least.  And this woman was very fit and healthy, and had experienced a totally straightforward and trouble-free pregnancy until then!  I found it really scary to contemplate that this kind of thing can happen – I might have been living in a bit of a fool’s paradise, but I’d kind of assumed that we were out of the really risky stage.

I know that we have every chance of continuing to have a healthy and trouble-free pregnancy, but it was a bit of a reality check to hear about somebody suddenly having massive complications.  It’s made me a bit more determined to rest and look after myself – after all, this will be the only time that I’ll be pregnant with twins, so I want to make sure that the three of us get to the end unscathed!


4 thoughts on “Reality check

  1. When I was pregnant with Pip I knew of a woman whose waters broke and went into hospital expecting to go into imminent labout, but she didn’t and got discharged. She ended up having a perfectly healthy baby several weeks later. That was a single baby but hopefully it is something that may well be possible with twins.

  2. I know they say pregnancy is not an illness but you carry two precious bundles of joy inside of you after a long time of trying to make that happen so it’s very important to rest on the sofa and get your feet licked by Tui (if you like such thing of course!)

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