Pregnancy and birth

Linea nigra

Here’s the story on linea nigra, according to Jaquie Brown:

You may also develop a dark line running from your belly button down to your pubic bone. This is called the linea nigra. Some women have this all the way from the top of the ribs down as well, while some women don’t develop one at all. It means nothing about the gender of your baby although some might tell you that if it’s bent you’ll be having a boy and straight a girl.

I can confirm that I developed the linea nigra three weeks ago. It starts from what I remember as being halfway down my ribcage (back when I wasn’t all bump from an inch below my boobs downwards). However – in an interesting twist – my linea nigra could better be described as a linea rosso: rather than being dark, it’s chestnut-coloured! This could lend more weight to the theory that at least one of the babies will be ginger…

2 thoughts on “Linea nigra

  1. What a hoot! You have always had a hit of chestnut in your hair though so it shouldn’t be surprising. Which one do you think will have the red hair – the girl or the boy. Bets could be laid on that one.

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