6 thoughts on “Big sister dog

    1. Yes, it has definitely helped a bit! I’m still waking up heaps of times in the night and having to move from side to side (a process not dissimilar to slowly turning an oil tanker), but the pillow gets hauled with me. And luckily Tristan is very busy at work these days and tends to be so knackered each night that he sleeps through my activities.

      How is everything going with you? Are you feeling any movement yet? Xxx

      1. I thought I felt something the other week… a bit like a deep sea diver sending up air bubbles under my skin. But since then – nothing… so it was probably wind!! Am not quite 19 weeks though, so not worrying at this stage (somebody said if you have strong stomach muscles it may take longer to feel something, so yes, I am now deluding myself I have the stomach of an Amazon!!) xxx

      2. What you’re describing does feel like movement, although – of course – your rock hard abs will be cushioning the blows! I’m sure your little one will be dancing on your bladder and booting the hell out of you before long…

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