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Baby shower invitations

I hadn’t intended to have a baby shower, mostly because the people who would form my dream baby shower guest list are scattered across several countries and continents.  However, lovely Kirsty took me in hand and insisted that I shouldn’t miss out on the fun of my own shower, so I happily gave in – particularly as I know that Kirsty will make awesome cupcakes.

Anyway, although Kirsty’s taking control of organising the baby shower, we agreed that I’d whip up the invitations, both because she’s got toddler twins and a part-time job to keep her extremely busy, and because I love making stuff (and won’t get much chance to indulge in this kind of thing soon, I suspect).  I’m quite pleased with them, so I thought that I’d show them off!

Here they are:

And here’s what’s inside:

They are the result of a happy few hours with scrapbooking supplies, stickers, and double-sided tape…

My mother and two sisters are coming up for it, as are a couple of my oldest friends (travelling up from Wellington and Taupo).  And hopefully my oldest niece will be able to join us as well, and the Auckland-based friends that I’ve invited.  And while it would be amazing to hire a jet and fly in all of the other lovely friends and family members who insist upon living in other parts of the world, it will be wonderful to celebrate with the people who can make it!

6 thoughts on “Baby shower invitations

  1. Invites look gorgeous! Can’t wait! Pity Phil can’t come, as he would certainly dazzle with his swaddling skills….my word, that man can swaddle! xx

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