Growth scan

We had a scan yesterday to check up on the babies’ progress, and I’m delighted to report that they’re both thriving: clearly, a diet of macaroni cheese, crumpets, apples, mandarins, cheerios, stewed fruit and ice cream is agreeing with them, particularly when it’s all washed down with copious amounts of milo.

In fact, their estimated weights are flipping awesome when compared with the average weights I quoted in my last post: our boy is currently around 920g and our girl is around 850g (and the variation between the two is perfectly fine: boys are often a bit bigger than girls, and leading twins are often a bit bigger than second twins. And she’s not letting her smaller size slow her down – she’s sitting on him and squashing him). These foetal weights are great news because, as we all know by this point, twins will always be born at least three weeks earlier than a singleton, and so will have less time to take advantage of those crucial ‘pork on the baby weight’ weeks towards the end of a pregnancy. The bigger our babies can be now, the better chance we can have of them achieving a decent birth weight, whenever they decide to make an appearance.

The scan also showed that both babies are still perfect, and the Doppler enabled us to hear that their hearts are pounding away exactly as we’d hope. All in all, our kids are healthy and happy, which is wonderful news.

They’ve wriggled around slightly, too: as of yesterday, our boy was bottom-down, with his legs stretched out to my left, and our girl was lying across me with her head to the left, facing my back. Yes, our girl is currently mooning the world. We’re very proud of her fine sense of decorum, of course.

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