Pregnancy and birth

The latest snapshots

Here are a couple of shots from Friday’s scan – it’s already getting difficult to get clear images because the babies are getting all up in each other’s grills.

Our little boy was looking pretty grumpy (probably because his sister keeps sitting on him):

Our girl was somewhat camera shy, given that she was facing backwards, but we did manage to get one look at her face:

I can’t wait to meet the two of them!

8 thoughts on “The latest snapshots

    1. JD, one of the loveliest things about this time of our lives has been the unfailingly happy, excited and positive reactions we’ve had from people – friends and strangers alike. Thank you so much for being one of those people! Xx

    1. Our boy has a real Mikie Mike look on his face, Vic! The mind boggles… he’ll probably be complaining about his sister eating her cereal too loudly within a couple of years xx

  1. How amazing are these pictures? I think with this technology available you bond even more with your unborn child(ren). Wishing you wonderful week!

      1. Thanks Franziska! And I totally agree with you: being able to see such clear images makes it immeasurably easier to start bonding with the babies. It’s fabulous! I can’t imagine what it must have been like to be pregnant before scans were commonplace.

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