Pregnancy and birth

Baby first aid

I have such a backlog of things to write about here!  I’ve become a bit of a slacker with the updates – sorry about that.  Here’s what should be the first of many additional posts…

Last Wednesday Tristan and I went to a two-hour basic children’s first aid course, which had been organised by the multiple birth club.  Man, that organisation is worth its weight in gold!  Not only are the people who organise everything really helpful and fantastic, but it’s also proving to be the most amazing source of free and cheap baby stuff, as members sell or give away their unwanted baby-related kit to fellow members.  Tomorrow I’m going to be collecting two free high chairs from a fellow member, and later in the week I’ll also pick up the cute nappy bag I’m buying for $10 from somebody, and the free microwave bottle steriliser I’m being given by somebody else.

Anyway, the first aid course was really useful, although I found it a bit sobering to consider the huge number of ways that a baby or young child could be at risk in our house.  It’s a death trap, people!  But fear not: I now know how to perform CPR on a baby, child or adult, how to deal with a baby, child or adult choking, what to do in the case of burns, poisoning, broken bones, electric shocks, falls, convulsions… In most cases the advice is very sensible and just helps you to deal with the immediate needs of the victim while you wait for an ambulance to arrive, but in the case of things like a baby that has stopped breathing, that first minute or so of care can be the difference between the child living and dying.

We’d always intended to find a first aid course to attend before the sprogs arrived, so it was a huge help that this was organised for us, but I’d really recommend finding a similar course if you ever have to look after young kids and don’t want to have a major meltdown in the face of a medical emergency.  Yes, it might never happen and you’ll hopefully find that you have no need to ever exercise your newly-developed first aid skills, but I certainly feel a bit more confident about looking after the babies now that I have a small amount of knowledge.  If we have a regular babysitter, or end up hiring a nanny or an au-pair, I’ll definitely pay for them to attend a similar course.

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