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The Baby Show

Auckland’s annual Baby Show was held last Friday, so I went along with Kirsty, my twin pregnancy guardian angel, to see if there were any sweet deals to be had.

We had hatched a plan to get there not long after it opened on the first day, and I’m so glad that we did – by the time we left, a couple of hours later, the place was absolute carnage, with pram-related gridlock happening at every turn.  Before things got so busy, though, it was great – so many lovely things to see and (if you had the cash available) buy.

I now have a fairly short list of things we need – I’ve taken to heart the advice I was given regarding the wisdom of getting things organised before I was too enormous and wouldn’t feel like schlepping around shops – so I was mostly there just to browse, but I did manage to get some handy stuff sorted out:

Nursing pads and nipple cream: oh yes.  Essential items, I’ve been reliably informed.  I bought Rite Aid nursing pads – two big packs of disposable pads (as part of a two for one deal), and some snazzy Rite Aid hydrogel discs that are (apparently) just the thing for keeping in the fridge and applying to your knackered nips in times of strife.  The nipple cream came as a freebie with the hydrogel discs – it was Mustela’s Nursing Comfort Balm.  If I manage to breastfeed two babies I suspect that my nipples will need all the comfort that they can get…

Front packs: I wanted to find a couple of decent (and not too expensive) front packs to enable Tristan and me to take the babies out in the weekend without having to load up the enormous pram.  The Baby Factory stand had these Infantino Breathe Baby Carriers for 30% off, so I bought two.  They’re handy because – as this picture shows – the baby can face forwards or backwards, depending upon its age:

Of course, when we use them I will look as shiny-haired and well groomed as that woman, and our babies will be similarly smiley and angelic…

Bottles:  Although I’ve always known that I’d need to unravel the mysteries of bottle feeding at some point (one way or another we’ll be using them, whether it’s for expressed breast milk, formula top-ups, or full formula feeds), I’d been putting it off for some reason.  However, Kirsty gave me a crash course in Bottles 101, ably assisted by a lactation consultant who was working at the Tommee Tippee Miomee stand (and that lactation consultant was hugely helpful – I’ve got her business card, so I can call her if the babies arrive over Christmas and the hospital lactation consultant is off sunning herself somewhere and unavailable to assist me).  The Miomee range is all very new and exciting, and apparently it’s the cat’s meow when it comes to bottle feeding.  They had a good show discount going, so I ordered a few bottles and will receive them in a couple of weeks.  I’ve also got a good stash of Avent bottles and teats that have been given to me by various kind people, so we’ll be able to experiment with both types and see which one suits our kids best.  And then I’ll be able to pass on whichever type we don’t use, which will be good!

I hope you’re impressed with the sensible, practical shopping that I did!  Believe me, there was plenty of frivolous stuff available as well, and I had to work very hard to resist the charms of many of the stands.  In particular, I struggled to walk past the Mums Know Best stand, largely because I felt in love with these adorable 3 Sprouts storage solutions:

They would look absolutely perfect in the animal-themed nursery I’m planning.  I only really resisted their charms because I was already overloaded with the other things that I’d bought – I may yet buy them online…

My remaining list of things to buy is now mercifully short.  We have good leads on secondhand cots from a couple of people (we might paint them to match each other if need be, and also paint the secondhand change table and chest of drawers that we’ve already bought).  There’s a Baby Factory 20% off sale coming up in a couple of weeks, so we’ll use that to buy our cot mattresses and maybe a portacot.  And beyond that it seems like we might be sorted!  Yay!

6 thoughts on “The Baby Show

  1. Ooooh thanks for mentioning the hydrogel discs. I’ve already had some pain and heat in one of my boobs and the discs sound like they will pay you back tenfold in times of boob overuse. I’m going to make some nursing pads for once the leakage eases and disposables aren’t needed so much. If they succeed I’ll send you a couple of pairs if you’d like. Nothing like nice soft fabric on poor tired nipples. Also nipple shields can help you keep feeding when you have pain, they go over the nipple so the baby doesn’t try suck the sore bit but still gets the milk. (Man has my life changed. I never used to talk about nipples to strangers!) I don’t want to spend a fortune but I think breastfeeding accessories are one of those things that make you more likely to keep at it when it gets tough or sore.

    1. Hahaha – I know, the random things that we now talk about, eh! Tristan’s always saying that, until a few months ago, his vocabulary had never included words like ‘placenta’!

      Your plans for nursing pads sound wonderful – yes please! And the best advice I had from the antenatal teacher was to try to get the latch on right from the start, because it’s apparently a big drama if you try to muddle through it and get sore nipples as a result – so make sure you get Dave organised to collar the hospital’s lactation consultant for you as soon as you’ve had your girl, so you can get help quickly!

      1. JD, thanks so much for asking! I’m currently juggling my recognition of the great practicality of having a registry with my in-built worry that it’s a bit presumptuous to have one – I guess I’ve just not grown up in a gift registry world! But I shall give it serious thought, and will let you know the outcome xxx

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