Pregnancy and birth

28 weeks

The start of the third trimester.

70 days to go.

Brace yourself, people: we’re on the downhill slide to Babysville.

Here’s what’s happening with the small baby people this week, courtesy of OH Baby:

Your baby now weighs about 2 pounds, 7 ounces (1,100 grams) and measures about 10 inches (25 centimeters) from crown to rump. Your baby will be beginning to settle into position for delivery, ideally head down, but if he or she is still breech (bottom down) don’t worry, there is still plenty of time for him or her to turn around. Most babies eventually settle on the head down (cephalic) presentation by 36 weeks, and if your baby is still breech at 36 weeks your LMC will discuss possible options for encouraging him or her to turn.

Your baby’s eyes are blinking now. He / she will be having regular sleeps but also regular active times. Some research suggests that babies begin dreaming at the 28th week.

The folds and grooves of your baby’s brain continue to develop and expand. In addition, your baby continues to add layers of fat and has continued hair growth.

We’re having another growth scan at the end of next week, so it will be good to see how much the sprogs have grown.

I don’t think either baby has spent any time head-down so far, but it’s not really a big deal for us – we’re already planning a caesarean.

According to Huggies:

Your baby continues to take practice breaths this week, breathing amniotic fluid in and out of its lungs and swallowing it as well.  It can also suck, blink, roll, kick, grasp and hiccough.

More REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep in week 28, which is so important for your baby’s brain.  Studies have shown that newborns spend a large portion of their time in REM sleep as well, so your little one is getting in lots of practice beforehand.

Your baby’s brain is changing from being soft and smoothly rounded to having the familiar grooves and indentations on its surface.

This week your baby’s hair may be going through a growing phase. Some babies are born bald or with fine, almost invisible hair on their head. Others are born with a thatch of hair. The old wives tale about pregnant mothers experiencing heartburn being a sign of their baby having lots of hair holds no truth.

I’m glad to hear that the babies are getting a lot of sleep – how delightful for them.  No, I’m not bitter at all…

What I’ve noticed about the babies during the past week:

  • They’ve started moving around at similar times.  Until very recently, it seemed like one would move and the other would be still.  Now, I’ll feel a kick down low, then up high, then to the left, then to the right- either one of the babies is a hardcore contortionist, or they’re working in partnership to smack me around.
  • The gestational diabetes drink turned both babies into crazed breakdancers for an hour or two.  Cold drinks get them revved up, too (and I’m drinking a lot of iced drinks at the moment – it’s getting warmer, and I’m really thirsty all of the time).
  • The babies can definitely hear now.  I was snoozing this morning and Tristan returned home from taking Tui the Wonder Dog to the beach.  He shut his car door (parked in our car port, which is on the other side of the wall from our bedroom), and our boy got a hell of a fright and gave a little leap.  Bless!
  • Our girl is still a creature of the night.  Whenever I wake up to move in bed she seems to be awake.
  • Both babies get a bit ropey when I get overtired (which has happened a lot recently).  They start kicking and squirming around, and don’t stop until I’ve rested.

We’re seeing our obstetrician tomorrow, so if there are any exciting baby-related developments I’ll report back after then.

From my perspective, the past week has been a bit of a struggle.  Late last week I did get hold of a smiley belt from Emma, and that has helped a lot with regard to the bump weight, but I’m still experiencing a lot of discomfort if I overdo it – my bump starts to ache, and that freaks me out a bit.  I’d thought that I would be OK if I didn’t walk around much, but now I’m realising that being on my feet for any small length of time is a pretty bad move – I just feel so rough and uncomfortable afterwards.  And it’s even bad if I’m mostly driving around and barely doing any walking.  It’s got to the point where I have to look at what I’ve got planned for the day and only do one thing – walk Tui, for example, OR go to the supermarket.  I’m trying to reconcile myself with the fact that I need to spend a lot more of my time on the sofa, and I’ve rented some good, trashy DVDs to make it a bit easier.  It’s hard not to be mooching around outside, though, particularly now that the weather is becoming much nicer.

In a bid to find something mildly active, but low impact, to do, I went to my first aqua natal class this morning.  Although I found the instructor a bit annoying, the class was pretty good – an hour of exercises in the water.   When I mentioned on Facebook a few days ago that I’ve been feeling completely knackered, a couple of people started urging me to try pregnancy yoga, or pregnancy pilates.  I found that a little strange, to be honest: if somebody I knew was heavily pregnant with twins and was saying how tired they were, I don’t think it would occur to me that I should suggest more activity to them!  The women I know who have had twins were all “relax, put your feet up, take care of yourself”, and the people suggesting more exercise had been mothers of one baby at a time, so perhaps those people hadn’t quite appreciated what it’s like to be carting around two fledgling people all the live-long day.  Anyway, aside from the low-impact aqua natal stuff I don’t intend to start any new exercise regimes in my current state.

In all honesty, I can’t flipping believe that I might have another ten weeks of pregnancy ahead of me.  It’s quite difficult to imagine that I can keep getting bigger (although I’ve seen enough photos of twin mothers in the later stages of pregnancy to know that it’s definitely going to happen).  And – of course – I’d rather that the kids stayed inside for as long as possible, rather than coming early.  But blimey, I am SO glad that I’m getting an instant family out of this caper and will never have to be pregnant again!

4 thoughts on “28 weeks

  1. Go online and see if Countdown deliver groceries to your area. The delivery fee would be WELL worth it! Don’t do MORE exercise, just make sure you do a little each day. For me exercise usually means walking to the loo 50x a day. That counts right?
    How did the destational diabetes test go?

    1. You’re totally right – I really do need to set up an online shopping list. I shall tackle it from the comfort of the sofa tomorrow!

      I should get the test results at my obstetrician’s appointment tomorrow, I think.

  2. “They start kicking and squirming around, and don’t stop until I’ve rested.” …. how sweet that they are looking out for you! They know what’s best for you (and them) 😉

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