Pregnancy and birth

Life is good

We saw the obstetrician this morning and, as always, everything was peachy. My blood pressure is nice and normal, as are my iron levels (actually, for a pregnant woman they’re pretty good: the range is 0 to 50, and mine are at 27 – apparently, some pregnant women get as low as 7 or 8). And we got the results of my gestational diabetes test, which I passed with flying colours. Hooray!

We didn’t have a scan today, but we heard both babies’ heartbeats. They’re both still lying transverse, and as our boy, as the lead twin, has been breech or transverse all through the pregnancy, our caesarean might end up being less a choice and more a necessity.

We see the obstetrician again in two weeks, and then after that we switch to weekly appointments until the end. We’ll be there on Christmas Eve, and between Christmas and New Year (assuming, of course, that the babies haven’t already made an appearance).

Today’s obstetrician told us that, twenty years ago, women who were pregnant with twins were usually admitted to hospital for bed rest from 26 weeks (primarily because the mortality rates for early babies were so high, making it essential to prevent premature labour whenever possible). Knowing that makes me feel so lucky that the worst thing I have to complain about is having to park myself on my own sofa, in the comfort of our nice house, with lovely Tui to keep me company. Imagine being stuck in hospital for several weeks! That would be grim.

4 thoughts on “Life is good

  1. Bed rest in hospital would have been anything but restful too! I’m thinking it may be time for me to go to the DVD store each week and rent a pile of $1 trashy movies.
    My iron levels once got down to 3. People with cancer don’t even get that low. You get to 0 and its time for a transfusion! I managed to get them to a whopping 7.5. The minimum healthy level is 20 so you’re dong REALLY well with twins onboard!

    1. Definitely go and stock up on DVDs! I’ve got a little pile to watch today and tomorrow, plus the rest of series three of Damages.

      I was so surprised that my iron levels were good, given how knackered I am. I mentioned my surprise to the midwife and she gently suggested that my tiredness is probably just as a result of growing two people..!

  2. Funny, that’s the reason I had to have a caesarean as well – Olivia was breech by the end and Jaime was transverse. Hopefully you end up with babies at least cooking for as long, as big, and no time in the neonates! 🙂

    1. That would be so awesome!!

      I would love it if our girl, at least, would shift from transverse occasionally (although she might be running out of room now and won’t be able to wriggle around enough to change direction): she has been giving my ribs an absolute battering recently!

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