When you start buying a gigantic stash of baby clothes, you quickly discover that the garments on offer are a) ridiculously over-priced; and b) often fairly unexciting.  As I’ve commented in an earlier post, good luck with trying to dress a baby girl if you don’t want to clothe her in pink nearly every day.

Of course, you do sometimes find lovely things at interesting craft markets – cute little hand-sewn dresses from funky fabrics.  Steph – a woman with more craft skill than I can ever hope to obtain – made these three gorgeous dresses for her own soon-to-be-born daughter, and I’ve spotted many other lovely examples of sweet girls’ dresses in various places.  What puts me off is the price that is often charged by those with enough technical savvy to whip up a little dress or two: we were at the Matakana indie market a few weeks ago and saw dresses similar to those that Steph has made… for something like $40 a pop.  (That market is lovely, by the way – I’ve just discovered that it’s on again this coming Sunday, so I might have to see if Tristan is up for a little road trip…) is also a good place to find nice home-made children’s clothing, but again – the prices!  $35 seems a lot for a very simple baby’s dress.

I’ve decided that there’s only one thing for it: I need to get a sewing machine and learn how to use it.  Fortunately for me, Tristan’s been badgering me to tell him what I’d like for Christmas, so the timing is perfect for a sewing machine purchase.  And with my mother and mother-in-law visiting over the summer, I’ll hopefully have in-house tutorials available – hurrah!  Just the ticket for those rare moments when the babies are sleeping…

I’m sure that my early efforts will be absolutely shocking, but hey!  The babies will be too little to complain!

6 thoughts on “DIY

  1. I’ll send you some lovely easy patterns and tutorials once you have a machine. I’m holding off on the pricier dresses until she hits at least 1 – I figure a year of wear might justify some of those prices but 3 months of wear (if shes not a beansprout) certainly won’t! My daughter will probably beg me for store bought pants one day! The best part is that babies clothes can be made out of pillowcases and other little bits. Plus a pillowcase dress is SO cute! And has some cute patterns too.

  2. A little road trip to Matakana – sitting in the car for the journey there and back with having to park the car, get out and wander around in the inbetween bits of travelling in the car. All with an ENORMOUS WIGGLING BUMP!! People will be buying you sufficient baby clothes to start your own shop. Rest! We will not let you end up with babies wearing only their nappies. Truly we won’t!

    1. Hahaha! I have since realised that we’ll be going to a second birthday party on Sunday morning, so the Matakana trip is off – we’ll just have to head up there with the sprogs when you’re visiting over the summer, instead!

  3. Like Mum, I’m certain that you will have enough clothes. With disposable nappies very leak proof these days, and a cloth nappy/muslin over your shoulder, they will not need five changes a day. You really should make the most of staying put and resting. I would guess that people telling you that you won’t get much sleep when the twins are born are really trying to encourage you to get as much rest as you can now!

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