Pregnancy and birth

My suspicions were correct

Long before I was lucky enough to get pregnant, I suspected that feeling a baby (or two) move inside you would have to be both the weirdest thing and the coolest thing that it was possible to experience.  Now that our two babies are growing increasingly large for the humble dwelling I am able to offer them, I can confirm that it’s true: I have never experienced anything as surreal as the feeling of our children pushing and prodding me.

I’m lying on the sofa at the moment (as per usual, these days), and I’ve just watched as my bump has juddered and shook as our daughter has wriggled around.  We’re not talking little kicks here; we’re talking bump shape-changing wriggles.  A minute ago I could feel her little head from the outside (under the right side of my rib cage) and what must have been her bottom, directly above my tummy button, so I think that all the movement must have been while she got herself into that position.

Her brother is being quiet for now (and probably wishing that his sister would stop sitting on his head), but he was doing his fair share of lurching around earlier this morning.

Stay put for a while longer, wriggly babies!

2 thoughts on “My suspicions were correct

  1. The other day I lay on my side and she must have been transverse because I swear her foot came so far out my side she was standing up! The amniotic membranes must be really flexible but built like steel to contain the wriggles of babies!

    1. Totally! I sure that my two would have much more room if they weren’t transverse – my torso is much longer than it is wide – but I think they’ve left it too late to get into more sensible positions now.

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