Pregnancy and birth


I am now under no doubt that the challenging parts of pregnancy are deliberately designed to prepare you for life with a newborn (or two).  Everybody keeps warning me about the lack of sleep I can expect when the babies arrive (and I have no idea why: it’s not like I can do anything about it, so I guess people just like to be the prophet of doom), but I’m already waking up countless times each night.  Seriously, I think I’m waking up at least every hour, usually because I’m so uncomfortable.  If I lie on my left side I tend to get painful ribs because our daughter is transverse across the very top of my bump, which is putting pressure on bony bits that can’t necessarily expand much more.  If I lie on my right side, I get a very painful hip.

I’m usually awake from 5 am these days, and on many mornings Tristan also wakes up early and we take Tui to the beach.  It’s making me less fearful of the sleep deprivation that will come my way when the babies arrive.  Having said that, it is becoming increasingly important that I get a nap during the day, to deal with the sleep deficit.  I was over-tired on Saturday morning, as evidenced by the way in which I was reduced to a frothing RAGE when we bought drinks and a scone from a local cafe, and got home to discover that a) the cafe people had accidentally given us two normal lattes, rather than one soy latte for Tristan and a chai latte for me; and b) the scone was impossibly crumbly and couldn’t be buttered.  I was SO ANGRY – like, swearing like a sailor on shore leave angry.  I was then put to bed, and woke a couple of hours later with a far sunnier disposition.

Long story short: I don’t think that waking up a couple of times each night to feed the babies is likely to destroy me, but I will need to nap when I can.  Luckily, I have a long history as a elite napper!

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