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Life as a multiple parent

When you’ve got twins on the way it’s very reassuring to hear about those who have had a multiple birth before you and coped with the outcome.  It ressures you that you, too, will be able to cope with the demands of caring for more than one newborn (and it’s obviously helpful to learn about tactics that might help you to manage).  I’ve found that one of the best things about my pregnancy has been the contact I’ve had with our local multiple birth club: my fellow members are a fantastic source of knowledge and advice about all elements of multiple pregnancy, birth and child-rearing – both the good bits and the more challenging bits!  I know that I will come to rely on this group more and more after our babies arrive.

With this spirit of learning in mind, I was delighted to receive an email from my dear friend Anna yesterday, with photos of her niece, Jo – a new multiple mother.  Check it out:

Jo has just given birth to 14 children, which must make breastfeeding quite tricky – after all, she only has ten nipples.  As Anna said in her email, “thank goodness you’ve got your nipple to baby ratio sorted out”.  Jo’s coping well by all accounts, although I think she’s got a bit of an “OH MY GOD – WHAT HAVE I DONE??!” look in her eye in this photo.  Like many new parents, she’s probably trying to adjust to the new schedule, and is also getting to grips with the fact that she can’t just mooch out and catch up with her friends at a moment’s notice.

Hopefully Jo has got in touch with her multiple birth club as well, if only to buy good quality second-hand puppy onesies to clothe all those wriggly little bodies.

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