Pregnancy and birth

What good babies!

I’ve just got home from our growth scan.  Both babies are growing beautifully: our boy is now 1.6 kgs, and our girl is 1.3 kgs.  They’re both growing at a similar rate, though, so that’s good.  And the best news of all (and possibly an explanation for all of the movement I’ve felt this week): our girl has wriggled her way out of the transverse position, and is now head-down!  What a good baby, listening to her mother’s requests like that.  Our boy is breech at the moment.

I might be able to add a photo of our girl to this post later on, once the clinic’s printer is online again and Tristan has a chance to collect the shots.  It’s getting pretty crowded, though, and the opportunities to get clear face shots are fairly limited.

By the way, I have to say how much I love Cathy, the sonographer who has done all of our scans.  She’s such a nice woman!

6 thoughts on “What good babies!

  1. Yay little fatties, growing so well! Those are such reassuring weights! Has their moving given you any breathing room? My silly girl was lying diagonally when the midwife had a feel yesterday which probably explains why I feel like crap this week when I move! I’ve requested a scan at 38/39wks to check she isn’t breech, I just have this feeling!

    1. I think that late scan is such a good idea – much better to know what you’re dealing with ahead of time! Hopefully your girl will wriggle around a bit and give you some relief soon! I’m definitely feeling a bit better now that my two have shifted, and it’s particularly nice to not have so much pressure on my ribs.

  2. Hey Jacq – that’s great news that the bubbas are coming along so well. I read an article yesterday about a mother who was expecting triplets and told to eat 6,000 calories a day to get their birth weights up!!!! Sheesh. Hope no-one has suggested you do anything of the kind? Where she found the stomach room with 3 of them in residence god only knows!

    Apparently tomorrow (17th) is World Prematurity Day as well as organisations are demanding more investigation into what causes premature birth as they would like to bring the proportion of prem babies born down. (Are you the same as me – do you find yourself reading EVERYTHING pregnancy related whilst in this condition?!).

    Ahem. Also this week, the UK news were reporting that even modest alcohol intake (e.g. one glass of wine a week) whilst pregnant can lower your child’s IQ by 2 points by the time they are eight. It goes on to say the effect would only be noticed if your child carried the gene for suscepitibility to alcohol – but by that point the damage from the headline is done. All pregnant women who may have endulged in a swallow of wine at some point in 9 months start with the self-flagellation. It’s certainly put me off my one glass I was planning for Christmas dinner 😦

    Sorry I’m ranting! I think I may have to impose a self-inforced ban on pregnancy news stories for the next 3 months… before they start saying things like ‘having a daily hot chocolate is toxic to foetuses’.. at which point, Thumper really is in trouble!

    But yes, I only started writing to say – brilliant news your two are growing so well and that young Missy Collins is already head down, feet to the stars 🙂 x

    1. Haha – yes, I am irresistably drawn to all things pregnancy as well! I saw coverage of that alcohol story as well; I think it was an Australian study. I’ve not actually found it difficult to abstain while pregnant, probably because I’d already given up for a few months before we got our great news. I am looking forward to being able to have the occasional drink after the babies are born (although juggling it with expressing milk will probably end up making it more trouble than it’s worth). My mother and I were talking about all of this kind of thing last night and remarking on the fact that every woman in her generation drank during their pregnancies, and we’ve all ended up relatively bright and normal! I’ve tended to work on the theory that, if I wouldn’t feed it to a young child, it’s probably something that I shouldn’t feed my unborn children now – so that’s ruled out alcohol, and any drinks containing caffeine (but again, it’s been easier because I haven’t had either for a long, long time). You should absolutely have your glass of wine at Christmas and not worry about it at all!

      Regarding birth weights: early in my pregnancy I read a book by an American obstetrician with a strong interest in multiple births and birth weights – she’s very hot on people gaining as much weight as possible as early as possible, in order to boost birth weights (and to mitigate against the lack of room for much food towards the later stages). At the time it freaked me out a bit because I had no appetite! However, I know that one woman from my antenatal class read the same book and followed its advice as much as she could, and she just gave birth to two 3.5 kg twins – amazing weights! My two have had pretty wholesome food throughout, and a lot of dairy and protein (I was on a real cheese kick for a while, and now I’m all about eggs), so hopefully that’s helped to fatten them up a bit. I’m definitely having to eat smaller meals these days if I want to avoid heartburn, but I’m probably having five small meals a day, most days. It’s a great excuse to be piglet!!

      And it’s awesome that such good research is being done into prematurity. It’s pretty much par for the course with twins, so we’ll just cope with whatever comes our way (and it’s so reassuring to know that the babies are now old enough to almost certainly be absolutely fine), but I know that the prospect of prematurity can cause a huge amount of stress for singleton parents.

      I’m so glad to hear that Thumper is thriving! My money’s on a boy, by the way xxx

      1. One of my friends really looked forward to having a few drinks after her babies were born, but she said the idea of having anything remotely approaching a fuzzy head the morning after put her right off the idea – far too much to do that she’d need to be alert for. (And this is not someone who drinks a lot – a glass of wine or two and she’s fast asleep.)

        But really I just came here to remind you that you mentioned photos DAYS ago and I’ve been checking back daily to see if they were up yet. Not to be demanding, but…ahem! x

      2. Yes, I dread to think how much of a lightweight I’ll be when I eventually have alcohol again – I was a fairly cheap date from the start! And sleep deprivation + hangover + crying babies would be a horrible combination.

        I will scan a picture in and load it up today, I promise!!

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