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Baby shower

My baby shower was held on Saturday, and it was such a lovely event (for me, anyway – hopefully everybody else enjoyed it too!)  Kirsty organised everything, despite being hugely busy herself with her toddler twins (and their second birthday the following day), and being a bit under the weather on account of a fantastic third baby surprise that she’s currently got on board.  The guests brought delicious food, Mum and Tristan arranged the living room, and all I had to do was to sit around and occasionally direct operations.  Sweet!

I was so grateful that people were willing to travel for the event.  My mother flew up on Friday; my two sisters drove up on Saturday and back on Sunday (six hours each way), and my friends Anna and Kate each planned a weekend in Auckland around the baby shower, travelling up from Wellington and Taupo respectively.  So kind!

Check out these awesome cupcakes made by Anthea:

They were so yummy!  And we had a few left over, so I’ve been scoffing them ever since.

We played some fun games, and Kirsty got everybody to write down their wishes for our babies – this generated some very touching wishes, and some hilarious ones as well (Kate wishes that my daughter will get decent boobs, which is something with which I wholeheartedly agree!)  And of course we were given incredibly useful, beautiful and generous presents.  Kate knitted each baby a blanket, which was gorgeous to receive:

And I was lucky enough to unwrap all sorts of cute clothes and toys for the babies:

This picture cracks me up – we are a very lucky and very happy couple!

(And Jackie – the gift registry is getting set up, I promise!)

6 thoughts on “Baby shower

  1. LOVE this! You look blimmin’ gorgeous! And what fab pressies – I fancy those blankets for myself! Just think how much your babies are already loved, by so many people. What better start could they have in life?

    Super excited to check out your gift registry when it’s up!

    1. Yes, they are going to be much-welcomed little characters, that’s for sure!

      And thank you for your kind comments – the absolute best thing about pregnancy is my lovely pregnancy skin, which I hope will stick around afterwards!

      1. My best friend had horrendous skin issues during her pregnancy, including random blood blisters ON HER FACE (I forget the name of the condition, but it’s fairly common in pregnant women). I would never have told you this until now, but since you’ve been spared, I hope it doesn’t traumatize you.

      2. Your poor friend – that makes me feel even more lucky! Mind you, my skin has been awful at times in my 20s and 30s, so I was due some decent skin, I reckon!

  2. Looks like a fantastic time was had by one and all and delighted to see Tristan hung around too and didn’t scarper for the hills like my brother-in-law did at my sister’s baby shower!

    Yes, do take it easy from now on. We want those two safely inside until mid-Jan! x

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