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Top 100 baby names of 2012

Babycenter has released its annual list of the top 100 most popular babies’ names – you can find it here.

I can report that the girl’s name that we’ve chosen is not on the list (although it’s a perfectly normal name, trust me).  And the boy’s name that we’ve chosen is on the list, but is suitably low down as to ensure that he won’t be one of seven kids in his class at school with the same name.  Hurrah!

Stay tuned for the big name reveal in a little over six weeks…!

6 thoughts on “Top 100 baby names of 2012

  1. Whew our girls name isn’t on there either. I’d hate a name that I shared with everyone in my class. I’ve picked the name I think you chose for your boy, I’ll see if I’m right soon enough!

    1. Yay – I’m glad that your girl’s name isn’t on the list either! Wouldn’t it be hilarious if we were using the same name! I think we’d be far enough apart geographically to congratulate each other on our excellent taste and still go with it. And I can’t wait to find out if your guess turns out to be right!

  2. Poor little Sophia is destined to be one of many! Though there don’t seem to be too many Sophias of her age at least.

  3. I love baby names! I have perused this list very carefully over several days to see if I could pick them. I’d laugh if any of my considerations came good! Although I did notice that Tristan comes fairly well down and Jacquelyn doesn’t appear at all so I’m not ruling out you giving your babies your own names…

    1. Hahaha – people who name their kids after themselves really crack me up: it always seems like the ultimate ‘meh – I can’t be bothered thinking about this too much’ move!

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