Pregnancy and birth

33 weeks (and beyond)

Well, this sucks. My sore hands have been playing up again (very sore in the mornings – “roll around sobbing” sore), so I saw a GP this morning to see what could be done. He referred me to a specialist hand physiotherapist, I managed to get an appointment straight away, and long story short: if I want to avoid being in pain now, and causing lasting carpal tunnel-related nerve damage, I have to immediately give up embroidery, and anything else that involves using a gripping motion (in other words, holding anything much). I also have to drive as little as possible (because it involves gripping the steering wheel), and also am only allowed to type for minimal periods of time. And I have to wear wrist braces 24/7, to keep my wrists in the ‘neutral’ position.

This means that I’m likely to spend the remaining five weeks of my pregnancy lying on the sofa, staring at the TV and stroking Tui (who will be delighted with this turn of events).

It also means that my blog entries are likely to be few and far between. Luckily we’ve reached a stage where the babies are just getting bigger, and aren’t going through any exciting developmental changes. Of course, if there is anything earth-shattering to report, we’ll figure out a way of sharing the news (Tristan as my scribe, for example).

The lack of typing ability will also significantly reduce my ability to stay in touch on Facebook or by email.

Gosh, isn’t pregnancy AWESOME! I truly think that there are no weird ailments left to surprise me. But only 35 days to go… my eyes are firmly on the prize at this point!

12 thoughts on “33 weeks (and beyond)

  1. Argh, that sucks the big kumara (thank you for teaching me that phrase, btw). But I think the man upstairs must REALLY want you to chill out – and has gone to great lengths to ensure it happens!

    But still. Poor Jacq!

  2. Oh that sounds miserable hun – I’m so sorry to hear it (selfishly, I so look forward to your blog updates!). But yes, with only a month left, it’s time for some serious rest and relaxation… well, as much as is possible when everything aches, creaks or kicks.

    Hang in there Jacq and find your inner zen. xx

    1. My inner zen really seems to have deserted me, unfortunately! But on the blog front, Tristan has offered to take dictation if there’s anything that I simply must share (on top of his job, cooking and cleaning, and basically doing everything now aside from actually growing the babies, that is..!)

  3. That sucks. I was banned from knitting over 10wks ago now and I have nearly died of boredom so many times but if it means the difference between being able to hold my baby and not….it’s a small compromise!
    At the risk of sounding really weak (carrying only one baby and all that) I can’t believe people do this more than once! Voluntarily! Putting yourself in a situation where this level of pain and discomfort is NORMAL? Nuts!

    1. Tell me about it! To say that I’m over this experience is to put it very mildly indeed… But yes; better to be bored and frustrated now than to be unable to function properly when I have two little babies who need me to deal with them.

  4. Since extolling the fun from playing canasta, which we will teach you and Tristan if you are game when we arrive before Christmas, I have thought of all kinds of games to keep you amused. Scrabble. 500 (a card game). Charades (Dad is hilarious when trying to convey the name of anything). I like playing patience when on my own; shuffling cards shouldn’t put strain on your hands. If you are able to hang on until 15 January I am sure we will have discovered lots more things to keep us amused. Suggestions from other contributors will be welcome I am sure.

  5. Poor you Magda. That last month of pregnancy really does bite the big one. It really is hideous enough with one baby, let alone two on board. Not much longer. I played LOTS of scrabble when I was overdue with Sam. Have you got the app on your iphone? Also, ask the lovely Tristan to go and rent the first and second seasons of ‘Offspring’ for you. I guarantee it will make you laugh. Thinking of you lots. xxxx

    1. Ooh – the scrabble app is a good idea! I’ll be able to play it with just one finger, which should be perfect. I know all this boredom and frustration will be well worth it when our two little babies finally arrive. I can’t wait! Xxx

  6. Oh no! Can you hold a book at least? Can you watch old episodes of 24, How I Met your mother and the Big Bang Theory?

    1. I thought I would be able to read, but holding a book is making my fingers tingle in an ominous manner! I just read today about a woman who had this problem when pregnant with her twins, and then couldn’t pick up her babies for several weeks after they were born – nightmare! So I think I will stick to watching stuff. We’ve got a few series of various things on DVD, and a video shop down the road, so that’s good.

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