Pregnancy and birth

19 sleeps to go!

I wanted to write a quick update and let you know that we’re still chugging along very well. Of course, I’m more uncomfortable than I had ever imagined was possible, and I’m pretty much immobile, but it’s all good: our c-section has been confirmed for the morning of Wednesday, 16 January. Hooray! I’ll be 38 weeks and one day, which will be awesome and should, we hope, ensure that we have lovely big healthy babies that can come straight home with me five days later.

Christmas was pretty low key at our house. I did a lot of lying around, and discovered that my tummy has a special and previously-undetected dedicated pavlova section, which I generously filled.

We had a good growth scan today, which should be our final one before the babies arrive. Our boy is now around 2.75 kg and our girl is around 2.3 kg, so they’re both still growing at a decent rate. Our obstetrician mentioned the other day that twins tend not to gain too much weight from 36 weeks onwards (space is fairly limited, after all), and the sonographer said today that there’s a margin of error of plus or minus 400 g with the weight estimations, but even taking that into account both babies should end up well over 2 kg.

I’m also delighted to report that the placentas are in good condition, the membrane separating the two sacs is still robust, and both babies have decent levels of liquor cushioning them. Of course, I could just go into labour any minute, but as things currently stand there’s certainly no medical reason why the c-section date would need to come forward.

But God almighty, D Day can’t come soon enough for me! I’m a big, swollen, achy, tired, wheezing, heartburn-afflicted mess of a woman. My bump has really reached freak show proportions, and Auckland’s humid summer weather has made life fairly trying. The best thing that’s happened in recent times has been the kind invitation from one of Tristan’s colleagues to use her lovely swimming pool – I’ve had some fantastic times splashing around. I would love to go for a good swim at our local beach, but I just can’t face dealing with the stares from the other beach-goers. It’s bad enough when I’m fully clothed. I’ve had people do completely unsubtle double-takes when I walk past, and the other day at the supermarket a guy passed me and muttered “CHRIST!” under his breath. Charming! It will be absolutely superb when I’m a normal size again.

In yet more news, the babies’ room is all organised. Another member of the multiple birth club sold us two white cots and a vast amount of bedding for the measly sum of $200, which was amazing. We now have a spare cot, since one of Tristan’s colleagues had already passed on one to us, but we’re intending to send it down to Mum and Dad’s house. Mum and Dad are staying with us at the moment and are proving to be very helpful in getting the house organised before their new grandchildren arrive. Dad hung up all of the artwork for the babies’ room today, so I’ll take a photo to show you at some point soon.

So all in all, life is good here and we are eagerly awaiting the new arrivals!

16 thoughts on “19 sleeps to go!

  1. Haha what a rude man at the supermarket. Hopefully you’ve left him in awe of what a woman can do! Every so often when I feel really crap I really feel for you and how much worse you must be feeling. But the end is SO CLOSE now! 10 days to go before you hit single figures! And then the best bit!
    I hope your hands/wrists have eased a bit? The heat doesn’t help any of the symptoms at all. I’m so looking forward to seeing a photo of your two little ones!

    1. I wish I’d had the presence of mind to say something like “no, actually – pretty sure it’s not going to be the second coming, although I am very saintly”.

      I am so paranoid about my hands now that I’m really not testing them out at all, and am religiously keeping my wrist braces on and avoiding using my hands as much as possible! I really miss being able to make stuff, but I just can’t afford to still be having big problems with them after the babies arrive, so I’m sure it will all be worth it in the end. The wrist braces are so hot to wear in this weather, though! Like wearing boxing gloves all the time. I’m still having to take paracetamol before I go to sleep each night, and again during the night, to avoid waking up with throbbing hands.

      And I think I will be in a froth of excitement once we finally hit single figures!!

      1. Oh yes the sweating in the braces is nasty. I have a dirty mark on my wrist that wont scrub off from the sweating! I have to get around to sending you some mail asap, it’s sitting there waiting for me to find the energy. Any day now! (And I’m grateful for paracetamol but how much do I want a couple of good strong nurofen at times!)

      2. I’ve got under sleeve things for my wrist braces, which I can wash – they’d be so foul by now in this humidity, otherwise!

        And I had grand plans to make a certain something for your girl’s room, and then the stupid carpal tunnel nonsense ruined everything – I’ll definitely get on the case as soon as my hands are sorted!

  2. I’m having a Star Wars moment…. ‘Al-most there… stay on target!’. It’s brilliant you are in the home stretch Jacq and whilst I’m sure the days must have slowed to a crawl, there are only 3 to go before you can not only say ‘my babies are being born THIS YEAR’ but ‘this MONTH’, which might be cause for another scary reality check moment!

    I think you are doing a phenomenal job looking after those bubbas and am similarly disgusted with the thoughtless man in the supermarket, what an idiot!

    I’m counting down to stopping work now. Have about 6 weeks to go and can’t wait as not loving the commute although it’s mercifully quiet at the moment during the dead days between christmas and new year. It’s so strange to hear of the NZ humidity – we’ve officially just had the wettest year on record and it’s still raining!

    Happy New Year to you, Tris, the Uber-bump and Tui!

    1. How fabulous that you’re stopping work soon! You’re a legend for coping with London commuting all this time – I would have been done for murder by now if I was having to cope with the general public in an enclosed space every day.

      It’s a measure of my current discomfort that the prospect of having two newborns in the house is exactly less scary than the thought of being pregnant for a minute longer than necessary!

      I hope you guys had a brilliant Christmas in your new house! Xxx

  3. Hey – goodluck with the birth and all. One of the things I loved the most after giving birth was doing one really big long wee – instead of 47 little ones!!
    Hope all goes swimmingly well and that the next couple of weeks fly by 🙂

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