Pregnancy and birth

Dry run

When we saw our obstetrician on Monday she mentioned that our daughter’s growth rate had slowed down very slightly, and that we should have another growth scan to check up on her next Friday (the 11th). We didn’t worry too much about it because we knew that the sonographer had struggled to get a good abdominal measurement for her during last Friday’s growth scan (and that’s one of the key measurements used to estimate a foetus’s weight), so we knew that her most recent weight could be inaccurate. Also, we figured that we’d be getting sent for another scan much sooner if there was a serious cause for concern. However, we took the obstetrician’s advice to keep tabs on her movements and let the clinic know if we noticed them decreasing.

Late this afternoon I realised that I couldn’t remember feeling her move today, even after I’d eaten and drunk the kind of thing that usually gets both babies wriggling, like frozen grapes or hot drinks. We certainly weren’t panicking about it, but we figured that it would be foolish not to get things checked out, so we called the on-duty obstetrician and arranged to meet her at our local hospital for a scan. To cover all bases we loaded my hospital bag into the boot of the car and headed off (only a ten minute drive to our hospital, which is very handy).

It was pretty good to have an opportunity to visit the hospital and check out the maternity ward. We were installed in a delivery room and were seen really quickly, which was great. And the scan showed that both babies are still in great shape, happily wriggling away and both practising their breathing like little champs.

The scan was followed up by half an hour of foetal monitoring for both babies, and that was all fine as well; the babies’ heartbeats are nice and strong. Eventually we were sent on our way by the lovely obstetrician, who urged us not to hesitate to return if we had any further worries.

Obviously, it was all a bit stressful and surreal to find ourselves heading to hospital under these circumstances, and it was a big relief to be reassured that both babies were fine and that I didn’t need to check in for an emergency c-section. And at least we now know exactly where to go on the 16th (or earlier, if these babies become impatient). Only 12 sleeps to go!

7 thoughts on “Dry run

  1. You handled yourself with incredible grace – I’d have been a total mess. Your practical, reasonable, level-headed outlook is coming in very handy with this twins business!

  2. Jeez you get all this way through without a single complication then 12 days to go and she puts the dramatics on! Babies! But a dry run is all good and glad you got the reassurance of a scan and monitoring. Nearly there now!
    I was worried after our scan last week about our girls tummy measurement until I noticed that her tummy is slightly oval and the shape they measure with is a dead circle…thats always going to leave room for differences!

    1. I’ve since heard that the abdominal measurement is often the hard one to get – thank goodness we’re both able to get these worrisome babies checked out when necessary, eh!

  3. Well done for taking the cool, calm, collected approach and CONGRATS because I know you were hoping for New Year babies and you are definitely having a January twosome now – yay!
    Keeping fingers crossed for a smooth ride for the next… what is it now – 8 days?? A little over a week to go – woohoo!

      1. France was great thanks. I went with a cold but it didn’t impact too much, except to make sleeping even harder but I’m adjusting to the insomnia now (4-5 fractured hours seems to be the norm). They had a pool at the hotel and its the first time I’ve swum whilst preggers – Oh my word! How nice?!! The difference in weight when you finally get out is a shocker though. Must definitely do more of that (v jealous of your nearby beach and sultry weather on that front).

        By the way, I get weekly updates from BabyCentre on how things are progressing and this week’s including a link to touching photos of Dad’s holding their newborns for the first time. All very sweet – and then I got to this one…. how freaky is this photo?!!!!!! In a parallel universe I’ve had twins!

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