Pregnancy and birth

Chubby little cherubs

Well, any fears that either baby hasn’t grown well recently can be set aside: we had a good scan this morning and discovered that our boy is measuring at just over 3 kgs, and our girl is at 2.9 kgs. Whopper babies!

We’re delighted: big babies should not end up having to serve time in SCBU and should be in the same room as me from the start, and being a decent size at birth should help them to feed well – a big help when we’re trying to get breastfeeding underway.

It’s particularly good to know that all the discomfort, shortness of breath, heartburn, aching joints and other crappy pregnancy complaints have been well worth it!

5 thoughts on “Chubby little cherubs

  1. Wow she really made a last minute surge there to catch up to her brother! It all sounds good for them to come home when you do too 🙂 Well done on the baby growing!

  2. always worth it….every pain, niggle and discomfort. when you hold them in your arms for the very first time you realise it’s all absolutely worth it!

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