Pregnancy and birth

Hattie and Joe

I’m delighted to introduce you to Joseph William Summersett and Harriet Frances Kathleen (helpfully colour-coded in this photo):


Joe was born at 11.15 am on the 16th of January, weighing 3.06 kg, and Hattie followed him at 11.16 am, weighing 2.69 kg. We think they’re gorgeous – we’re both madly in love!

Hattie and Joe are both doing really well and latching on nicely: Joe, in particular, is a very enthusiastic feeder!

The c-section wasn’t much fun in the end – they struggled to do my epidural, and for a while it looked like they might just put me under. Luckily, it got sorted, albeit with a fair degree of discomfort. However, I was on my feet again last night and am feeling ok. I just woke from a 90 minute nap that felt as good as a full night’s sleep, so it appears that my body is already adjusting!

More to follow, when I’m not feeling quite so bombed.

10 thoughts on “Hattie and Joe

  1. You are amazing – already updating the blog! They are absolutely beautiful and looks so peaceful. Glad you are feeling well! Xo

  2. You are a LEGEND! I’m so chuffed for you guys. I made their pic my phone wallpaper, so I had a nice burst of joy as soon as I woke up to check the time. What a beautiful pair and AWESOME names! Have two babies ever entered the world to so much love and anticipation?! xx

  3. Just wonderful news – yes I do remember the brush with my second c sections wasn’t the best either – trainee took about 3 attempts at it….first time round I was so desperate I would have allowed them to do it without any pain relief at all at the time!

  4. Congrats again from Gavin and I. Fantastic news that they are latching on so well. Big relief. You are hard core, a ‘fair degree of discomfort!’ I think I was screaming bloody murder. I bet it is lovely to breathe again. Thanks for posting a photo so fast. X

  5. You’re so good, updating the blog already!
    I’m so pleased they’re feeding well and I hear from Mum that they’re placid content little babies – just perfect. I can’t wait to come and cuddle them, really looking forward to seeing you all.
    I think you might have the world’s cutest babies, I’m so happy and excited for you and Tristan.
    Lots of love from us all xxxx

  6. Can’t believe you are on the blog – impressive stuff! Hopefully all the carpal tunnel problems and the heartburn is starting to feel like a thing of the past already. DO take it easy sweetie for a while. A C section is major surgery and if there was some b*ggering around with the epidural you must be feeling sore all over…. and the potential post-birth hormone dump is on the way so be very, very kind to yourself and enjoy lots of family snuggle time. Your children are absolutely beautiful and look so adorable together. I’m really, really happy for you both! Vic xxx

    1. Thank you! This blog and Facebook are my main links with the outside world at the moment – the combination of c-section recovery and twin transporting logistics are keeping me housebound 99.9% of the time at the moment..!

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