Twin HQ

I’ve been flying solo with the babies this week: I had them to myself yesterday afternoon, and all day today, and the three of us will be at home together all day tomorrow as well.

I’ve been experimenting with the best layout for feeding, nappy changing, and burping – we need quite a lot of space, as well as safe places to park them. I find that feeding on a bed, while OK, can sometimes make it tricky to keep them in the right feeding position (plus it’s a bit dull for me, with nothing to watch in there). And I’m quite keen to avoid feeding on or in bed when I can, primarily because I am constantly jolted awake at night convinced that I’ve fallen asleep while feeding and dropped a baby; I’ve realised that the feed+bed connotation is best avoided!

Yesterday I set up Twin HQ on the living room floor, leaning against the sofa and spread out on a quilt. This was good because I had loads of room, and the babies couldn’t fall anywhere. Here’s an action shot from yesterday (Joe in the foreground and Hattie in the background):


The downside of this set-up is the great difficulty I currently face in getting down to the ground and then up again: I have absolutely no core stability, so I’m the opposite of limber and nimble!

Really, my best bet is to commandeer the three-seater sofa in our living room, with a change mat on the floor at my feet and donut cushions the cushions to my left and right for baby-parking purposes. And I can then watch TV while feeding. Result!

4 thoughts on “Twin HQ

  1. They are delicious! I have my nappy changing area all nicely set up but god only knows where I’ll end up changing her in reality! Plans get you through but you gotta be flexible when reality hits! You sound like you’ve got it sorted and you sound like you’re recovering from your c-section well too to do doing it on the floor!

    1. We’ve ended up with a change table in their room, but also a changing mat in the living room – we’ve learned that we’re better off changing nappies (unless they’re pooey) after a feed (which we do in the living room), rather than when we first get up, or else we have at least one grumpy baby waiting for the feed. Of course, this probably won’t be an issue for you with your girl and you’ll be able to do lightning fast nappy changes and get feeding!

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