6 thoughts on “Hands-free burping

  1. These photos are so cute. I hope things are getting easier with time. If I remember rightly the six week mark signified a change for the (not better but perhaps) easier. I think it coincided with smiles. I think that most people don’t really talk about the hard parts once they are through them. I admire your honesty – you’re just saying what most mother’s think! There should be more of it!!
    Hope you get some sleep 😉

    1. Thank you so much! We are hanging out for the six week stage – a few people have said that things should get a little better then. Can’t wait! Yesterday was a bit of a shocker: the babies must be having another growth spurt, as they were both awake for nearly all of the time from midday until the early hours of the morning, feeding incessantly and grizzling the rest of the time. I can only assume that parents must genuinely forget what these early weeks are like, which is awesome: we can’t wait to forget!!

  2. They forget because the mind is kind; it manages to erase the memories that would it would serve no useful purpose to retain! Plus the fact that you are suffering from sleep deprivation BIG TIME, so there you go – you are lucky if you remember your own name or whether you have cleaned your teeth at this stage of parenthood. Another 10 or 15 years and Dad and I may be returning to how infancy behaviour so feel free to run away if that happens. Love xx

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